About Us

The professionals from PatentAgentip believes that with their many years of experiences in the intellectual property field they will help you in the creation, filing and protection of your intellectual property. They will help you to create your intellectual property from the ideation stage to final prototype. Not only that, they will continue to render help when you go into production, helping you in evading those technical kinks that do contfront you from time to time.

PatentAgentip believes that the only way for new entrepreneurs to better compete globally is to be able to come up with innovations via unique products rather than to follow the beaten path of just copying what others have already done.

In this internet age, where competition is almost global, being unique is the only way to be able to command some respect. And using their experiences, Patentagentip, coupled with a clear vision of wanting to help others, they have offered their expertise, which are in fields like sciences, product designs, engineering and the legalities, in bringing about new entrepreneurs.

The main idea is to help establish from "conception to final delivery". It means that even if you have a very vague "idea" of what to do, the team at PatentAgentip will use their unique skills to guide you all the way to a beautiful success story that you will be proud of. To learn more of what the team at PatentAgentip can help you, please email us here for more information

Here is a brief of what we do:-

* Patent Drafting and filing

* Utility Innovation drafting and filing

* Industrial Design drafting and filing

* Trade Mark advisory and filing

* Conceive Ideas (tangible or intangible)

* Conceive Business Models (internet)

* Msc Malaysia Status Consultancy

* Industrial Revolution 4.0 applications