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How to be Creative?

According to a survey conducted by IBM in 2010, it was found that among the 1,500 chief executives from 60 countries in 33 industries worldwide, who had iterated "creativity" as the most important element for them to ride over the increasingly troubled economy. "Creativity" and its corollary "Innovation" is often wished for in any organisation, but is seldom delivered. Why? In the most simplest of analogy, "Creativity" is a gift of the mind of a forward moving individual. You also have to be an optimist to be creative. It often comes without warning. Sort of like sudden death, except that instead of dying, you rise above the crowd and live another day! But seriously, for those who had lived with the thoughts, creativity is not that difficult to grasp because you can develop that skill if only you know how. Don't ask the professor how to go about it because he will not know about anyway. Worst off, he might refer you to a textbook to read! But lucky for you, there is a way.

Here is the secret: The ABC of being creative.

1. You must be positive and you must think you can (even if you have never created anything).

2. You must think that you are going to Disrupt the scene (with a good intention).

3. And finally, think about how to disrupt; think deeply even while you are doing something else.

4. Lo and behold, you will be surprised that the idea finally come about (might even be in your dreams).

Try it yourself. It might not work the first time but if you practise it hard enough, it will come about. Simple mind bending technique that has eluded people whose job is to help bring about change.

The ideas metioned above is culled from many years of being involved with inventors and the study of how they become to be creative. Good luck.