Msc Malaysia Status Qualifying Activities

Msc Malaysia Status Qualifying Activities - past and present

What activities were allowed in the past:


Multimedia Content

Institute of Higher Learning

What activities are allowed since 1/1/2019:

Artificial Intelligence


IoT (also IIoT)



Big Data



Data Centers

Creative Media Content

3D (additive manufacturing)

Sharing Economy

User Interface

System Network Architecture

Global Business Services

It would be evident that MDEC has moved towards Industry 4.0 activities in line with the wishes of the government's aspiration to take advantage of the 4th Industrial Revolution. We are all competing with each other on a global basis and we will need to make advancement on our technology in order that we are not left behind. MDEC being the ICT lead of the government has made the right choice to embrace Industry 4.0 elements in their approved activities for Msc Malaysia Status Application. It is the hope of MDEC that Malaysian Businesses can reach a higher level of technology in their offerings to the public as this will mean that they can better compete with global players. Looking forward, we will certainly have to deal with the digitized world where everything is somehow connected to each other. That is where we will use information technology to ride over the revolution and also innovate in the way we run our business. We will now look at the impact on business models that embraced elements of the fourth industrial revolution.

For a start, try to make things smart.....

* Artificial Intelligence Platform

The talk of the town is Smart this, Smart that...We will have to use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to make things smart like smart Chatbot, Smart Manufacturing, Smart Robot....and many others. But before we can make things smart, we will have to make things connected via the use of Internet of Things (IoT). We will also need a smart program to tie them up so that that system can work seamlessly with very little human control. If left to the engineer, every running process will be controlled using AI because it is the most efficient way. When you are competing with others (who might be using industry 4.0 elements) it is a no brainer that you will use the best technology to operate your business processes just so that you can achieve low cost production. If the big boys are doing it, why should you not?

To make things easier to manage, we can now make machine learning by itself, and as if that is not enough, you can also incorporate deep learning which will move us to an autonomous world. AI is also useful when we are faced with work functions that are repetitive, difficult or tedious, especially when AI is used to run robots. The beauty of AI is that it is able to reason, knowledgeable, learning and understands natural language. Four of the better known AI platforms are Google Cloud Prediction, Infosys Nia, Microsoft Azure Machine Learning and TensorFlow. AI platforms are categorised as Weak AI, Narrow AI and Strong AI. You can now start thinking about the AI Platform that you are going to use to obtain your Msc Malaysia Status.

* Automation Platform

Automation is about replacing human input. Your Automation Platform must be simple to use, human friendly and most of all must save you time. Although we normally equate automation with machines, we can also incorporate automation in our services software so that we can easier do our invoicing and marketing. There is infact a whole slew of services that require automation. When coupled with AI, your Automation Platform will do wonders.

* IoT Platform

In simple terms, an IoT platform is to allow IoT devices to connect to another IoT device along the supply chain and also to know what is happening along the route. As we are aware that IoT devices come with sensors and they will also send out what they have sensed. So an IoT platform is the program to connect all these IoT devices and to be able to sense what is going on at these place points. The big three in the IoT Platform is Amazon Web Services (AWS) IoT, Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure IoT. If you are thinking of using an IoT Platform for applying Msc Malaysia Status, then it will be good to learn what these three platforms can do.

* 3D Platform

3D is also known as Additive Manufacturing (AM) and it is all about using a small sized printer to print out articles like prototype parts (automobile) and cookies. 3D printers are not new but it has been given a new lease of life due to its capability of revolutionising manufacturing processes. And revolutionise, it does with cost, time saving and making home manufacturing affordable. Your 3D Platform will likely be able to work with most of the printers in the market. You will also need to provide updates for future printers that have yet to enter market. So there you have it, four examples of platforms that you can consider for Msc Malaysia Status Application, all of them brought up to date to be in line with Industry 4.0.

Other approved activities will include Big Data Analytics, Robotics, Edutech, PropTec, Fintec, Blockchains, Sharing Economy Systems and Advance Manufacturing Processes.

Please take note that at the present moment, the business models which derive its income from Intellectual Property (licensing) is not accepted for consideration for Msc Status. MDEC is in the process of determining what constitutes as an IP derived income in accordance to OECD's terms. Meanwhile, only business model that is accepted for consideration of Msc Malaysia Status Grant is Global Business Services or Knowledge Process Outsourcing (excluding non-technical and/or low value call/contact center; data entry; recruitment process outsourcing) in the form of Modeling/Analysis/Research & Analytics. However, your business model must show elements of Industry 4.0 to be considered for grant of pioneer status in line with Msc Malaysia Status 2.0. If you are still confused about the new criteria then please shoot us a thinker at and we will try to render help (includes technical and business modelling).

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