TVET 4.0

tvet 4.0

TVET 4.0 - revamped version to suit Industry 4.0 adoption.

Reasons for a TVET revamp:-

* TVET has outlived its purpose

* TVET needs a rebrand to go with the times.

* TVET needs to be upgarded to bring about its importance to modern day industrial demands.

* TVET 4.0 is heavily bias on robotics and automation.

* TVET 4.0 is designed for Industry 4.0 demands.

Revamped TVET 4.0 has three components, namely :

1. Artificial Intelligence enabled Personal Tutor.

2. Theory & Entrepreneurship module.

3. Apprenticeship module.

Artificial Intelligence Personal Tutor:

This module is run from a huge data (updated real time) base artificial intelligence engine that supports adaptive learning on lesson tutorials. Data sets are accessed via mobile devices and feedbacks are also sent via wireless. The AI engines tags the student by pushing out module questions on lessons taught and also receive feedbacks to questions. As the engine is artificial intelligence enabled, it is able to learn about what the students don't know about. With what it has learned about the student, it is able to push out lesson modules such that the student will be able to grasp and remember.

Theory & Entrepreneurship:

This module has two components, namely, theory and entrepreneurship. Lessons will be taught at campuses by teachers (from trade) and lecturers.


Apprenticeship training is all about getting practical experiences from the industry. The lessons are conducted at campuses and industrial sites. Industry hands-on training will benefit the students when they are employed by industries. Industrial techniques are imparted by industry players. Students will also be allowed to collaborate with industry players to handle real world problems and to solve them. In some cases where the students are part of the team who helped solve problems, they will be paid emolutions. It is thus a learn and earn module.

As part of the revamped exercise, TVET 4.0 is heavily biased on Industry 4.0 elements. And unlike university courses, TVET 4.0 students will be required to learn how to code from day one. They will be assisted by their online personal tutor ( AI enabled) to quickly grasp the computer programing as they will need to handle robotics and automations. So from a start point, TVET 4.0 is developed with Industry 4.0 in mind. Its timing is just right.

The main reason for Personal Tutor?

Personal Tutor incorporates adaptive platforms. Learners will initially be given a lesson. They will then take an assessment, and the curriculum with aligned artificial intelligence goes to suggest a pathway based on student's response. Because students come to the classroom with different experiences, different levels of learning abilities and varying needs, adaptive leaning can meet student where they are and take them on the path of learning and absorption.

The Personal Tutor with its large data base is able to scour cyberspace for content updates. It will also do an analysis of the data that it has collated so that it gets to learn as well. So we will have a situation where not only the students learn, but also the teachers as well as the machine. And in order to make the Personal Tutor work, a group of master teachers with an understanding of learning psychology will have to construct the contents. Because the Personal Tutor is Artificial Intelligence enabled, it is able to learn in which area the student fails to learn, it will then formulate a learning module to address the short comings. This model is also available to the teacher as everyone needs to be updated along the way. By closely following the developments of the Personal Tutor, teachers will also understands why people learn and also machine learning at the same time. It is after all in the era of EdTec 4.0.