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water harvestor system - stand alone atmospheric water generator

Water Harvestor - Atmospheric Water Generator- stand alone system to tap water from the air anywhere in the world! No matter whether you are in the north pole, under the sea or in the midst of Gobi Deseart, you will be able to tap on the water in the air. The tapped water is desanitised and safe for drinking. Water Harvestor is designed for the water short world as it could be expanded from an elevated area so you do not have to sacrifice cutting up of your crop land in order to build water harvestor. Self-contained power generation enabled to help being sited at remote areas where neither water source nor electric grid is present. Can also be adapted for remote agricultural activities far off from the cities.

This stand alone water harvestor (AWG) is the answer to the water hungry world. It is especially useful in remote areas where there is little water and no electricity available. Stand alone unit can be expanded to cover a large area with little cost. Capable of supplying remote small towns with water for their everyday use. Also useful for agriculture activities far remote from urban centers. Especially good for dry land or region with no rainfall for prolong periods.