This is how virus get spread especially in restuarant and office environments - exhaled air spread accross the board.

Looking at this diagram then, what can you do to prevent the exhaled air from spreading? This is even more critical when you have an enclosed space like that of a restaurant where there is very little of air ventilation!

This Anti Covid Furniture in the form of a table attachment is our solution to prevent the spread of Covid 19. It forms a part of the system of directing air from the top to the bottom ; as a better way to prevent the spread of pathogen amongst the occupants of a room. This is because health experts had determined that the Corona Virus is partly spread through fine particles (aerosols) that we inherently exhaled from our mouth and nose. It was also found that these fine particles can remain airborne and floating for a couple of minutes whilst waiting for it to be inhaled into our lungs with us sitting next to the infected person! So its all about the air, the floating air particles in particular and we will have to deal with it perhaps for a long period; it is most likely that the Covid 19 will become an epidemic. When we talk about the air, we will have to touch on the ventilation issue. Conventional thinking is that fresh air is vented into the space from one side of the wall and is then forced to flow to the other side of the wall - from left to right and vice versal. Now if we were to take a case of two people sitting opposite each other - then we will find that depending on which way the air were to flow, it would be possible for the other guy sitting in the headwind position to catch the virus. It would then be obvious that the air is travelling in the wrong direction as far as the spread of virus is concerned. In order to correct the situation, air should be made to flow from the top and then to the bottom where it is extracted to be channelled to a filtration chamber. The filtered air will then be either recirculated or better exhausted to the outside (preferably filtered and sanitized). The preferred embodiment is shown in the diagram below

anti covid furniture

First of its kind - a technique to exhaust exhaled (expelled from the mouth and nose) air from a dinner sitting at a dining table. This embodiment shows a peripheral attachment with an internal hollow is attached to the table top edge. An internal channel connects the edge facing the occupant and the vacuum device. Air that is being exhaled from the occupant is then being judiciously sucked in and thence channelled to the vacuum where it would be led to be filtered and sanitized. The filtered air can then be recirculated or better still outlet to the outside. If the air were to be exhausted to the outside, then it would be best to have a proper piping system either laid above the floor or having it laid under the floor – sort of underground channel.

Since the peripheral attachment is designed for the restaurant and office environment as a quick retrofitting solution to better manage the air in an Anti Covid exercise, it could however be better to have it integrated into the whole air conditioning and ventilation system when designed from the start. As you would have noticed from the diagram shown below, you will see that there is an air conditioned air coming out from the central piece of the table. Indeed we can have an integrated air cooler such that it will take the place of a centralised air conditioner as it would be more fuel saving as it would have to only cool the air that is surrounding the occupant – you will not have to spend fuel cooling the ceiling area or the spaces that are far away from the occupant. The diagram also shows of an umbrella like canopy to divert cooled air down to the occupant – this canopy can also be adjusted up or down to suit the preference of the occupants.

integrated air system for a dining hall

It is also a better solution to integrate the exhausted air from the filtration part to the air conditioning part and this could be achieved by routing the exhaust air to the air conditioner intake point. As for the air conditioner system, we could have the conventional split air system by having the heated air from the evaporator being led to the outside by means of a channel or piping laid under the floor – assuming that the under floor channel is built up from the start. It would also be obvious that an under floor channel will serve an important function as far as an Anti Covid exercise is concerned. The under floor channel could also serve as a heating chamber during winter. It could also double as a channel to draw away the washed water during floor washing exercise – another vacuum can be added to do cleaning as restaurants need to be kept clean all the time.

The Top to Down Air Ventilation system epitomises the future of air ventilation as a means to combat the spread of infectious diseases. It’s not only for the Covid fight but also for anti-flu fight and other diseases that has yet to come. A fundamental shift will need to be taken for retrofitting our ventilation system as the conventional ventilating principles were enacted during the early times of air conditioning. There should also be another exercise to better design our air conditioning system as it is already outdated because we will need to design a greener system – air condition and heating in our offices and homes take away twenty five per cent of our fuel bill. It would be even better if an smart/intelligent air conditioning system is installed. And still referring to the air conditioning unit of the above diagram, we could also use a solid state electronic air cooling unit such that it would provide a more silent mode of operation – it is also suitable because there is a smaller space to cool.

The future of office environment - brought to you by a team of inventors who are concerned with how we can prevent the spread of decese.

working table vacuuming

Here is a peep at the office of the future. Even from before the Covid 19 Pandemic, we were aware that the office environment was a place where flu can spread easily. Just have someone cough (the incessant kind) in the office and you will see somebody else pleading for grant of sick leave the next couple of days. It was easy to catch the flu and it was also easy to feign catching the flu because someone did went on sick leave! But you might say we were used to it already as nobody else apart from the manager did make his complaint known. So with the new era of pandemic going on and on, we will need to tackle this problem of spreading deceases. We have come up with a solution and as you can see in the diagram, we have designed a table attachment that can help us suck in the aerosol particles (might contain pathogens) as they were exhaled from a person that might harbour the virus. There you have it, the future scope of the office where you can work in a safe environment – as long as the table attachment is powered to suck in the exhalation.

car seat vacuuming

What about when you are in a car? This is a solution for you to get rid of exhaled air when you are in a closed environment like that of a car. Here you will be able to see that exhaled air (might contain pathogens) is conveniently channelled into a vacuum and not into another person's nose. The extracted air is then sent to be sanitized and filtered and recirculated. The vacuum seat is made flexible and portable, so that you can bring along to another car or back home where you can place it over your sofa seat. There is also a portable battery to go with it which will power it for twenty minutes - it has also a connection to the car's electrical output. This solution might be made mandatory in future cars and public transports.

All systems are patented - licensing is available though.