Applying for Malaysia Pioneer Status

The professionals from PatentAgentip would like to help you in getting the Malaysia Pioneer Status. As of 2020, you are entitled to apply for Malaysian Pioneer Status which will give you special Tax Incentives and Investment Tax Allowance in a promoted activity (either manufacturing or services) or producing a promoted product and has not started any production at the time of application.

Manufacturing - conditions

i) Malaysian ownership of at least 60%

ii) Malaysian-owned companies that are already in production not more than one year from the date of application received.

iii) Participating in a promoted activity or producing a promoted product

iv) The type of tax incentives and criteria such as Value added (VA), Managerial, Technical and Supervisory (MTS), R&D Expenditure and Science and Technology (S&T) indexes will remain at the prevailing rates.


New Manufacturing Project

Expansion and/or Diversification Project by a Licensed Manufacturer or by an Existing Non-Licensed Manufacturer

High Technology/Strategic Project for New Manufacturing Activities

High Technology/Strategic Project for Expansion and/or Diversification

Integrated Agricultural Project

Expansion and/or Diversification of an Existing Integrated Agricultural Project

Commercialisation of Public Sector R&D Findings in ResourceBased Industry

Small Scale Manufacturing Company

Expansion and/or Diversification of a Small Scale Manufacturing Company

List of approved activities Approved Activities


Regional Operations

Principal Hubs

Operation Headquarters

International Procurement Center/Regional Distribution Center

Representative Office/Regional Office

Research and Development Activities

Integrated Logistic Services

Technical/Vocational/Science Training Institutes

Hotels/Tourism Projects

Green Technology

Private Health Care Facilities

Providing Cold Chain Facilities

Other Services Promoted under the Investment Act 1986

Less Developed Areas Incentives

Application for duty exemption

Let us guide you if you are interested in the above applications