Automatic Door with built in intelligence.

automatic door

First of its kind - Motorless Automatic Door - does not have ugly lifting arm. Neatly Designed for aesthetic pleasing environment. Burglary proof as there is no external motor unit to prysing acts. Also designed for use in automatic opening of car front doors - first of its kind!

Power assisted door opening has been put into practice for a long time. However we do have rather sophisticated mechanism to power doorways but all of them is run on electricity except for those which uses compressed air and hydraulic power. Unfortunately there are problems using them especially when there is a power breakdown or alignment issues- people are often trapped when the currents go down. The one designed by Patentagentip works on a different principle and one of the good thing is that when there is no current, the door can still be open so people won't be trapped. This is a pluss feature of using a simple but distruptive technology for a power assisted doorway.

Doors are designed with their own intelligence - they will automaticaly open upon detection of someone coming its way. Since it can open automaticaly it is also designed with a restraining spring system so that it will not aprubtly open or close to the person entering the door - there is a certain leeway. Additionally, the autodoor will not force its way when it encounters an opposite force say when a person is pushing the door - there is a force sensor to slow down the opening or closing of the door. Unique features that will be friendly to the disabled and child - especially useful to fight contamination of pathogens when a hand is needed to open a conventional doorway.