Automatic Air Curtain - automatically opens the curtain when it senses somebody enters - a best of both worlds sort of air curtain to reduce your cost of operation and to make it up to date with its no touch system

automatic pvc air curtain

Automatic PVC Air Curtain

Automatic Dual Air Curtain with air conditioning to boot.

Introducing the world's most intelligent Automatic PVC film Air Curtain - automatically opens partially the pvc curtain and controls the temperature with its integrated cooler (or warmer). Offering a dual but Dissimilar Barrier, one with cool air (automatically triggers on when pvc partially opens) and the other with pvc strip (automatically partially opens) to give you fuel saving operation. Go green with the new electronic cooler as it uses no harmful refrigerant gas. First of its kind in the world.

Air Curtain is a device used to prevent air or contaminants from moving from one open space to another. Its purpose is to divide compartments, say a cold from a hot compartment. The most common use is a downward-facing (might be angled) blower fan mounted over an entrance to a building, or an opening between two spaces conditioned at different temperatures.

* Designed to automatically open space for people entry.

* No-touch technology in line with prevention of spread of corona virus and the likes. If you don't touch, you don't spread, and most important of all, you don't catch the virus.

* Prevent the loss of energy.

* Dual but dissimilar barrier, one of cooled air and another of transparent retractable pvc strip which is triggered to partially open for people entry. The system to save you money!

* PVC curtain's intelligent surveillance system only opens as wide as the object that is going to enter.

* Free access for disabled people or people using baby strollers, trolleys, umbrellas, forklifts, drones etc.

* Suitable for Automobile industry, textile mills, Cold storage, Food/ meat processing, Hotels, Pharmaceuticals, Engineering and households.

* With this intelligent air curtain, you don't need to keep it running (wasting energy) all the time. When there is no door entry, the cooled air goes into hibernation allowing the pvc strips to act as a physical curtain so no motor running - its that simple.

* Prevents entry of pest and insect.

* Increase visibility and avoid collisions.

Automatic Flexible Air Curtain is designed with energy saving in mind. It's no touch technology (using infra-red sensor) will ensure that you practise hygienic ways to ward off spreading of pathogens. Recommended for buildings with multiple doorways where workers use. The air curtain is made from flexible transparent PVC strips and is made to partially open and shut to allow people entry. Whilst it is partially open, the cooled air barrier kicks in to prevent warm air from getting entry. Good way to preserve energy as air loss is reduced considerably with its cooled air curtain (which can be either cooled or heated as the case demands). Intelligent enough to open doorway partially when it detects that there is a person coming towards its direction. This is the only one of its kinds in the world. This is the only thing that you need when you are considering replacing your conventional air curtain. And more importantly when you have the thoughts of saving energy.

System designed by Patentagentip

Item Code P51121