Business Incubator

What is the role of a Business Incubator?

PatentAgentip's Business Incubator is providing start-up companies a head start in their business by way of low cost methodologies and sure to go to market strategies. By using the business incubator service, start-up companies will no longer have to worry about running out of working capital and survive the competitions because they will be able to get their customers within two months of their launching.

It is often critical for new companies to be able to get clients for their product and services in these times of fierce competitions. There are now no more market borders and each and every one is supposed to be competing with each other, no matter where they are located. The World Wide Web has enabled a level playing field for everyone but getting there is still a mystery, even for the well to do companies. It is in this respect that PatentAgentip excels in as it has for over ten years pioneered the art of web positioning.

PatentAgentip is confident that you will get the necessary help to finish at the first page of major search engines within a period of two months time. With top positioning, you will immediately get customers and inquiries from around the world. It is a marketing world after all, no matter what technology that you have and getting maximum exposure is all it takes to make the difference between failure and success.

Strategies are very important for start-ups. People are of the opinion that in order to stay in business, you must get sufficient funds and that usually means going to the venture firms to pitch your cause. Unfortunately that is a grave mistake because there are just too many companies going for the same thing and there is just only that much of funds to go around. An important consideration to note when you go for venture funding is whether you have a viable business or not. Somehow or rather, you have to prove that your business model is doable. And that is difficult if yours is just hot from the drawing table.

PatentAgentip believes that being self sufficient is more important and you will be led to garner your first sale, assuming that you are already having a product to sell, in a short span of time. This will in a way prove to venture fund people that you have a viable business model. They will then be more likable to bank on your business. Now you see the important first step in an enterprise. Grab your first sale and grab it fast. Let PatentAgentip show you the way.

What if you are beyond a start-up?

No problem at all. PatentAgentip will welcome all companies and will undertake to help in those areas that can make you succeed. Although we are ingrained in technology, we are more market oreinted and we know why most company fail. We believed we have the solution for you. Please feel free to come on board.

Can you help us to raise capital?

Of course, if your business is full of potentials, we will help you out by leading you to venture capitals. We will even coach you on how to pitch to the fund managers and we will plan for you an exit strategy if you need one. However, there is just that much we can do, as you will have to motivate yourself to achieve your dreams. We will be with you through thick and thin. That is the PatentAgentip brand.

Besides making maximum exposure, PatentAgentip will help you to maximize your intellectual property portfolios. You will get the best help in creating your intangible assets and you will be helped in advancing your brand. In short, PatentAgentip will give you the path to maximum exposure without incurring high cost. You will be shown the way to survive the competitions and you will be able to get your first international client within the first two months. We will hand lead you to your dream.

Remember, your first step to business is a very critical step. Go the wrong way, you will not be able to recover if you made a mistake. Would you want to trust any sort of run of the mill incubator? No, you would want to get that first international sale within the first two months, right? Besides, we also offer our ideation service. Ideation is an important step because not any idea can sell. When we talk about ideation, we know what works because we also do plenty of market research. In fact we have a large data base of what is going on in the real market! Would it not be beneficial to you if you have such knowledge?You need people who have the experience to tell you whether the thing will sell or not. We offer you that important step so that you get a winning proposition the firts time out. Would you want to learn more? Email us now at here

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