Cradle Investment Program Application

Cradle Fund Program (CIP Catalyst )

PatentAgentip offers its expertise in helping young entrepreneurs to apply for Cradle Investment Program funds. With its wide experience in market research and business strategies, coupled with its deep understanding of ICT matters, PatentAgentip believes that it would make an excellent partner by way of leading you to the path of an assured entrepreneurship second to none. You will be guided through the process of application and comercialization of your product with an excellent marketing roadmap that will assure you to reach your goal.

The Cradle Investment Program (CIP Catalyst) is Malaysia's development and technology commercialization funding program. It is essentially a pre-seed capital to help entrepreneurs to develop their ideas to the commercialization stage. If you have an idea but lacking in funds, then CIP will come in to pump capital for you to make the prototype and hopefully to make it to commercialization. It normally focused on ICT projects and it will give out RM150,000.00 to seed the project. Other non ICT projects will also be entertained on merit.

With the CIP Catalyst , Malaysia hopes to rack up the number of start-up companies in line with its DM 354 Roadmap. However, applying for CIP is not easy as there is a need to write up a good business plan before being invited to pitch the idea. But if you are so enameled with your idea, then the only route is to apply for the fund and hopefully moved to become a successful entrepreneur. There is another program called U-CIP Catalyst which is targeted at under-graduates. It also has a seed capitalization program called CIP 500 which offers RM500,000.00 grant. Today, CIP is Malaysia's only end-to-end funding program which provides funding from idea conceptualization to product commercialization.


* Main applicant is a Malaysian aged 18 years and above, and
* Main applicant is permanently residing in Malaysia, and
* The team comprises a minimum of two (2) members and a maximum of five (5) members per application.

What is fundable by the RM150,000.00 grant?
* Prototype development
* Proof-of-concept testing development
* Business plans and strategy development
* Purchase of market feasibility research
* Search and registration of Intellectual Property (PatentAgentip offers a special IP package)
* Surveys on concrete statistical data (PatentAgentip offers a special market research program)
* Product sampling expenses
* Industry Focus

Industrial Sector includes:-
ICT, Creative Multimedia, Outsourcing, Electronic Hardware and Software, and Internet Based business, Biotechnology, Advance materials, Advance manfacturing ideas, Green Technology, Semi-conductors and Life Sciences.

Period of tenure is 12 months.

Applications must be sunmitted online.

Cradle Investment Program 500

CIP 500 is a commercialization grant of RM500,000.00 given to enterpreneurs who has successfully brought a proof-of-concept and who wishes to pursue it to commercialization stage.Based on merit, CIP 500 can be given twice. CIP 500 recipients will be given 12 months to develope their idea.