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Curtain Air Conditioner

What are Curtain Air Conditioners?

Curtain Air Conditioner is a new class of solid-state air conditioner that does not employ refrigerant compression and it does not have a mechanical pump. It is also not an air curtain but it can serve the purpose of an air curtain. Curtain Air Conditioners are designed for their compactness as they do not have evaporators and condensers like those of the gas pumped air conditioner. It is also possible to design them like the split air conditioner or the cassette type ceiling air conditioner to suit the room space but curtain air conditioners are primarily designed for the windows. But unlike the old window air conditioner, Curtain Air Conditioner is not built to be placed in the window sash. Instead, it is conveniently placed at the top frame of the inside of window. You do not need to cut a hole in the window sash and it does not pose as a security risk as you can close shut the window. It is also suitable for doorways that require a curtain. The main feature is the incorporation of an important feature of air ventilation into the room. This design built feature is to help prevent the spread of pathogens circulating inside the room because it allows for fresh air to be inducted into the room. With most conventional air conditioners, you have the whole room sealed up to prevent air leakage, so all you breathe is recirculated foul air. Thus it will help prevent the spread of pathogens like those of Covid-19 and influenza. This is also one of the reasons to re-introduce a window like air conditioner as it will keep us healthy. Better still, help replace all existing air conditioners as they pose a health risk.

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The Revolutionary Next Generation Curtain Air Conditioner is conceived and built to give you:

* No gas to leak and no gas to fill (and no contamination) - Yes, it does not need a refrigerant and so there is no worry about leaking gas. Just think of the problems of getting the tech guy to come in to pump up the gas! It has a solid – state design that does not need a mechanical pump so you do not hear of a pump kicking in and kicking out sound. You can only hear the fan noise which is more like a low pitch humming.

* No piping required - so no cutting a hole in your wall. The Curtain Air Conditioner does not require an evaporator/condenser combination thus you will not need to blast a hole in your wall to connect the evaporator with the condenser. But if you fancy a split type setup, you may connect the hot section of the air conditioner to a heat sink somewhere near a window. You may use a fan to blow away the heat from the heat sink.

* Can be reversed into a heat pump - by turning a knob. Capable of performing air-cooling or heating.

* Small footprint - Curtain Air Conditioners come in a small package. You can mount it on top of a window. It also has a Venetian blind so that you can use it as a shade. The shade comes with a layer of film that absorbs away ultra violet light which is harmful to human skins.

* Allowing air ventilation to freshen the room air - Curtain Air Conditioners are designed to help bringing in fresh air from outside so as to better ventilate the room. Good air ventilation has become essential in the fight against spread of virulent diseases in the light of Covid 19. According to Canadian environmental doctor Dr. John Molot, "the air that we breathe is the largest source of pollutant assaults that our bodies have to deal with." Meanwhile, Dr. Joseph Allen of the Harvard Healthy Buldings program at Harvard T.H.Chan School of Public Health said "ensuring even minimum levels of outside air ventilation will reduce influenza transmission by as much as having 50 per cent to 60 per cent of the people in a building vaccinated."

And when room air is infested with Covid virus, that is some place that you would not want to be in! Curtain Air Conditioner is the only device designed to take advantage of air ventilation which is an important criterion for maintaining good health. There is a recommendation that all future air conditioners should be placed near to the window instead of to the wall so as to take advantage of inflow of air from the window. You might also want to vent out the exhaust air from the room via a ground based ventilation channel. Cool air from the top flows down onto the ground and exhaust away the contaminated air - makes it a safer environment.

* No water leak - as long as the fan is blowing and the water outflow pipe is not blocked. Excess water condensed from the cooled section is being evaporated by a heater.

* It functions better than an air curtain as it knows how much air to cool and where to direct the air to

* Negative Ions to improve health - an additional item of an air ioniser to keep you in good health whilst enjoying cooled air

* No frozen evaporator coil - often enough water condensed on the evaporator coil so if there is no evaporator coil, there won't be any water problem

* Designed with a layer of electrostatic changed film to prevent ingress of ultraviolet light and insects from the window

* Is designed to be integrated into a smart window frame (a separate unit) that can be connected to a smart virtual grid element of IR 4.0 framework

* No ducting required so less messy to set up - there is no need for ducting to connect all the parts

* It is a tidier setup as it does not need for an outside condenser - cost less and less maintenance.

* Smart/intelligent direction of cooled air - the system is run on an electronic pathway to give it good temperature room sensing and an equally good actuation system to direct air to where it is wanted

* Built to be portable so you can easily move it around other windows

* Can be coupled to an external solar panel and battery system

Curtain Air Conditioner is designed with air ventilation system to allow for the outside air to inflow into the room for a fresher air circulation. This is especially important in the context of spread of Covid 19 virus because the system is designed with an open space environment as compared to a enclosed space that is required of the conventional air conditioning system. With the introduction of fresh cooled air into the room, there will be a less chance of people inhaling in the virus that is exhaled by infected people (especially when they are asymptomatic). Furthermore, an enclosed air conditioned space will help the spread of other forms of viruses like that of the flu. Indeed, the modern day conventional air conditioned environment really needs an update in its design in the wake of more infectious diseases spreading.

The new Curtain Air Conditioner is designed to not run on refrigerant gas so there will not be any danger of a gas leak. The mechanism is of a solid state affair and does not need constant monitoring. Gas leaking has been a bane for the conventional air conditioning system for quite a while. There is no need for the troublesome filling of refrigerant and does need very little maintenance. Curtain Air Conditioning is also suitable for vehicles because it does not endanger the passengers with its no-gas leak. No gas means it is very safe.

Can work in combination with the new auto air curtain to secure room temperature.

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