Fish Cage Monitoring

uuv monitoring fish cages

Fish monitoring by UUV

As the world's population increases there is a need to grow more food to feed the masses. Unfortunately, arable land is getting scarce and due to climatic changes, suitable land for food production is shrinking in ever alarming rate. One such solution is of course to move into the sea. Water covers three quarters of the globe and it would not be surprising that mankind will ultimately have to harvest more in the oceans. Given man's appetite for fish, and given there is very little law of the sea, man's conquest of the sea has led to an alarming reduction of fish stock in the oceans. If things were allowed to go on for another century, fishes would no more exist in the oceans. Maybe then we will only be able to consume reared fishes. And perhaps it is even more urgent that mankind begin to make the ocean its main supply of food. Fortunately sea fish rearing has already begun and so today we can buy sea farmed Salmon in our markets.

Towards this end, "Versatile 2" has come up with a version that is designed for monitoring fish in cages. Called "HealtyFishGo" is designed with sensors that are capable of spotting fish dieseases. "HealtyFishGo" can spot sea lice in salmon fish in their cages. Then when spoted, "HealtyFishGo" will train its laser beam at it and anihilate in a few seconds pulse. In order to perform this trick, "HealtyFishGo" has to be deployed inside the cage. As it is designed like a robot fish, the real fishes will not feel threathened in anyway, thus reducing tension among the swam. Thechnology used meaningfully for mankind!

Additionally, "HealtyFishGo" can be used for the cleaning of fish cages. Overtime, far shore fish cages will experience problems. Biofouling is a common cage problem which is the growth of algae and bryozoans (soft bodied, jelly-like animals) on the sides of the cage. Fouling normally creatures restrictive water flow through the cage and cause water quality problems. "HealtyFishGo" is designed with a pump to pump a stream of fluid flow (plus air bubbles) to dislodge the solids stucked to the cage. This can be operated from a thethered power line lowered from a near surface vessel supplied by a diesel engine. The air bubbles can increase the amount of oxygen in the water as well as reducing the tension of the fish. Another technology that is helping mankind to master the sea in clean environmental way.

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