UUV-naval frontline stealth surveillance

frontline maritime surveillance

Stealth surveillance by maritime UUV's

As the world's maritime force ability to secure their sea borders is getting more difficult, technology is coming up with solutions to better manage all possible task thrown at them. Pirates, illegal fishing, smuggling, and enemy naval craft crossing into the border remains the most challenging for the authorities to tackle for any sovereign. As most governments have inadequat naval assets to secure their maritime borders, it becomes a game changer when a new solution comes forth in the bringing to market of cross domain UUV's. One of the great offer is the "Versatile 2" which can traverse both water and air. As unique as they can come, the "Versatile 2" is designed for naval forces to help them to do surveillance work in the high seas.

"Versatile 2" is designed to maneuver in the water just below the surface. It uses its onboard sonar to detect unidentified boats that might be doing illegal activities like smuggling and piracy. Upon detection, "Versatile 2" is programed to move closer to the unidentified boat. It will also move closer to the surface of the water to transmit the data to a nearby patrol boat. This is done through a thin aerial jutting out of the body of "Versatile 2". It woud be quite impossible for the unidentified boat to notice the thin jutting aerial, so the UUV is able to manuever in stealth mode. When close enough, "Versatile 2" will jump out of the water and fly above the unidentified boat to take a snapshot or video of what is onboard the unidentified boat.

It also works in the dark, where it will use its infra-red camera system to lock into view of the unidentified boat. This process will in all occasions take the unidentified boat by surprise, thus catching the adversaries with their pants down. In cases where these illegal activities have camoflouge themselves appropriately, with the video data being sent to the patrol vessel for scrutinising, and with an experience crew, the patrol vessel can make a critical intepretation as to whether to interdict the undientified vessel for further investigation. So with the assistance from the UUV, patrol vessels can have a safe frontline surveillance of the situation before going into further action. In a way, it will make stealth surveillance very useful.

As part of the total solution, with the small size of the UUV affecting its range in the water, another platform called the "mothership" is proposed. "Mothership" is a larger platform of a structure that the smaller UUV's can anchor for recharging purposes. In a normal sortie, the UUV's are anchored to the mothership. "Mothership" being bigger will be able to afford a self propulsion system due to the presense of a diesel engine. The "Mothership" is designed for manuever just below the surface of the water. It also has a thin aerial system jutting out of its body for radio wave communication with the nearby patrol vessel and is usually being commanded by the patrol vessel, besides being able to manuever by itself. So in short, the system looks like a flotilla of many UUV's working in swam formation, anchored by the mothership which in a way acts like a mini aircraft carrier!
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