Malaysia Green Technology Funding

Malaysia Green Technology funding

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General Criteria for green technology considerations under the New Malaysian Green Technology Funding Initiative (soft loan up to RM50 million).

Extending Green Technology Soft loan

2013 Malaysian Budget has extended the Green Technology Financing Scheme fund by RM2bil and stretching it for another three years ending in 2015.

The fund enables companies using green technology to obtain soft loans with a 2% government subsidy of the interest rate, with a 60% guarantee on the amount of financing.

Includes products, equipment and systems which are able to:-

  • Prioritize and non-degradation of environments
  • Prioritizing of low carbon gas emission
  • Removal of toxicity from the environment
  • Be Fuel efficient
  • Promote Renewable energy use

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Categories-Industry Sectors:

Criteria for Energy sectors-Renewable: Hydro, Solar, Biomass and combustible waste.


Energy Production

  • Fossil Fuel Power Plant
  • Renewable energy activities (off grid and on grid)
  • Distributed power generation
  • Improvement of power quality activities


Energy Utilization Sector:

Scope: Application of Green Technology in all energy utilization sectors and in demand side management programs.

1. Application of Green Technology in industrial and commercial:

a. Where there is increase efficiency through;

  • Rational use of energy
  • Process improvement
  • Replacement of equipment
  • Energy recovery system
  • Waste, reject reduction

b. Use of green materials

c. Improve working environment

2. New processes to produce green products

Criteria for Building & Township Sectors

Scope-Using Green Technologies in the construction, management, maintenance and demolition of buildings


1. Building: Office, Shopping complex, Hospital & clinic, Hotel and resort, University and research institution, exhibition hall and School.

2. Infrastructure: Road, energy, IT

3. Parks


Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy

1. Minimum EE Performance - Compliance to minimum requirement of MS1525:2007

2. Renewable energy


Indoor Environmental Quality

1. Minimum IAQ Performance - Minimum indoor air quality (IAQ) performance to enhance indoor air quality in building, thus contributing to the comfort and well-being of the occupants.

2. Low indoor air pollutants, mould prevention


Sustainable Site Planning & Management

1. Environment Management

a. Conserve existing natural area

b. Restore damaged area to provide habitat

c. Promote biodiversity

d. Maximize open space by providing a high ratio of open space to development footprint to promote biodiversity.

2. Earthworks

a. Construction activity pollution control and

b. Reduce social impact to surrounding.

3. Public transportation access

a. Reduce pollution and land development impacts from automobile use.

4. Storm water design to limit the disruption of natural hydrology

5. Reduce heat island effect.


Materials & Resources

1. Materials reuse and recycle content materials and construction waste management.

2. Use of environmentally-friendly Refrigerants and Clean Agents.


Water Efficiency

1. Rainwater Harvesting to reduce potable water consumption.

2. Water Recycling to reduce potable water consumption.

3. Water Efficient - Irrigation/ Landscaping - Encourage the design of system that does not require the use of potable water supply from the local water.

4. Water Efficient Fittings - Encourage reduction in potable water consumption through use of efficient devices.

5. Metering & Leak Detection System - Encourage the design of systems that monitors and manages water consumption.



1. Innovation in design & environmental design initiatives that contribute to reduce impact to the environment.

2. Green building accredited facilitator - To support and encourage the design integration required for green / sustainable building rated buildings and to streamline the application and certification process.

Criteria for Water & Waste Management Sector



Technology in the management and utilization of water resources

Type of Water:

Fresh water (tap or portable), water for industrial processes, agriculture and grey water.

1. Management and utilization of water resource:

  • Better quality of water supply to users
  • Efficient use of water resource
  • Rainwater harvesting
  • Recycling & reuse
  • Reduction use of chemicals
  • Use of green materials and/or equipment



Waste water treatment, solid waste and sanitary landfill;

Type of Waste;

Garden waste, Industrial waste (i.e. spent bleaching earth, waste edible oil, POME), Municipal waste (MSW), Agricultural waste, Organic waste, Sewage

1. Waste recycling

2. Waste to energy

3. Waste to fertilizer

4. Waste reduction

5. Waste water treatment

Criteria for Transport Sector sectors


Incorporation of Green Technology in the transportation infrastructure and vehicles, in particular, bio-fuels and public road transport.






Green infrastructure


Green Fuel

Green fuel production



Alternative Fuel and Electric Vehicle (i.e. taxi, bus, etc)

You may want to take a look at the sectors that have obtained Green Certificates from the Green Technology Corporation of Malaysia here

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Note on Green Technology Fund

Due to the stiff competition for Green Technology Funds (which is a soft loan) from all over Malaysia and beyond, it becomes mandatory for applicants to have at least an intellecture property registered in Malaysia. If however you not done so, you must at have an intention to file an IP. Perhaps we can help in this respect.