The Future of Hospital Capsule Bed by patentagentip to easily increase the number of beds.

hospital capsule bed

Hospital Capsule Bed Unit

The new Roll-in Roll-out hospital bed is the epitome of the all in one unit cell for fast deployment purposes.

Salient Features:

* Designed as an easily transportable unit

* Plug in Ventilation and HVAC system - with intelligent module to automatically adjust to varying conditions

* With plug-in external power supply and oxygen - readied for remote emergency deployment

* Designed with automatic air curtain for touchless entry - entry by touchless pvc air curtain

* Automatic tuning of temperature, fresh air entry and humidity - built-in intelligence to maximized energy usage

* Environment can be tuned to sterile status for minor operation or isolation purposese

* Designed with sensors and wireless for remote monitoring to save on manpower

* Whole unit can be sealed for safe transport to another place

* Ease of setting up

* Additional medical bed for the home

* Whole structure can be disassembled for transporting and keeping

* Designed with separate but joinable units of bathing, kitchenette and extra beddings

* Expandable ceiling to accomodate operation devices in times of emergency - operating module can be conveniently attached

modular hospital ventilation

Modular Hospital Ventilation

The new Hospital Capsule is designed for easy and fast deployment of hospital bed capacity in times of emergencies. Designed as a modular unit, the capsule is designed with features that is 3D printing ready (except for the bed) and thus be manufactured in any where in the world. It comes in different sizes to suit different environments. Also designed to be easily disassembled for cleaning and storage purposes and be future proof. Although it is designed with the hospital in mind, it is also suitable to be used as a quick answer to the deployment of small size bedrooms - think of emergencies. You can stack the bed up and form a hotel block or even a temporary house - the future of quick deployment of affordable room space.

One of the most important aspect of the hospital capsule is the availability of the built-in ventilation concept. As we are now entering the Delta and Lambda variant of the coronavirus, it is the utmost importance that we have an air ventilation system that is able to prevent the spread of pathogens. Unlike the common practice of having fresh air (introduced) blown from side to side (as like the split type air conditioner), the hospital capsule is designed to blow air from top to bottom (as laminar flow) and also having a system to extract away the polluted air thus ensuring the occupants will always have SAFE air to breathe, provided of course that there is available power to run the fans and the air conditioning (or heating). Why is it important to blow the air from top to bottom? When the air flows from the top, it will form a kind of air curtain to contain the polluted air from being spread to others - the air is drawn downwards and extracted away out of the room - preferably being filtered and decontaminated.

Specially designed bedding is used in the capsule which have a locking system onto the floor pan but ordinary beddings can also be used. The bed locking system is useful when we have to relocate the capsule as it will ensure that the beds do not move during transportation. As was described before, the hospital capsule is designed with its own ventilation and air conditioning system and thus is able to serve as a sterile room for purposes of isolation or minor operation. As it has its own sealed environment it is able to be transported to another location while still maintaining its sterile space. This is a great advantage when compared to the ordinary hospital bedding because you would not have to expose the patient to pathogens - this is especially important for post covid era.

As to make it mobile, the Hospital Capsule is designed with roller wheels at its four corners. These wheels are also detachable and can be replaced with snow sledge so that it could be dragged on snow terrain. Alternatively the roller wheels can be replaced with motorised platforms so that it is easier to transport. There is also a place to run a back up battery in case where electricity is not available - this to maintain its sterile environment when external power supply is cut off. The capsule also comes with a micro-processing module that can be commanded from a remote place - there is thus a possibility to be aided and commanded by an AI module.

Patented Technology for post Covid Environment - makes it easy and cost effective deployment of additional hospital beds.

Item Code P61143