How to Innovate - the abc's

Just how do you innovate?

Here is the ABC of how to do innovation :

But first of all, what is innovation?

Innovation is the step where people take to offer an improved product, process or services. There are four main types of innovation which will be described below.


Most inventions are incremental in nature – so are innovations. It’s normally an improvement on a previous version because it is easily achieved by making it more efficient. Moreover it is easier to sell because you only need a little tweak to your sales pitch.


Sustaining innovations is the least impacting as it only makes a slight difference in the performance of a product or service. But it is easily done and the boys at the R&D love it because not much thinking is expended. However it also makes the marketing department sweat as you can only do so much about a product that has almost similar characteristics and thus marketing boredom.


Disruptive types are often rare and they only appear once in a while and often unnoticed at the early stage. Disruptive innovations often come as a surprise and it is normally due to the work of people who had wished that they can surprise people with their new creation. Disruptive innovation is closely associated with people who want to swim against the crowd – and thus contrarian in nature.


Although Radical Innovation goes in the same vein as disruptive innovation, it is however different in that it normally uses revolutionary technology or with a new business model. Radical innovation is like the introduction of the internet – it drives a new way of doing everything thus revolutionary in nature. And in most probability disrupts the whole system.

choose sector to innovate

* First,choose the sector that you want to innovate - architectural, radical, incremental, disruptive. Then determine as to how you want to improve a product or a service - if possible, try to run against the crowd and be different from others!

power of visualization

* Now, go and visualize how do you want to go about it - remember that the world owes its progress to dreamers like yourself and the power of visualization will determine as to how it will work. Great inventors visualize all the time - improves with practice.

Visualization is an art and in order that you do well in it, you must be ready to practice during the hours that are partly sleeping and partly waking – sounds difficult to attain but you will need a lot of practice. The reason why you need to visualize during your half waking hour is because your unconscious mind will help you to enforce it during your deep sleep moment – of course if you are the type that you can’t remember your dream then it is harder to make good of it. The other thing is that you must make your visualization move – there must be movement like that of your cartoon character chasing after the dough. And most of all, you must visualize it to make it good for you. It must be positive – the more the better. But if you are the negative kind, then it is necessary to tweak yourself to the positive before anything else. Frankly speaking, if you are more on the negative side, then you will need to do motivation sessions to bring you to the plus side of thing.

Another method of upping your visualiztion technique is to go to the image section of your search engines and - browse and think! Just pick on one of the images that fancied you and start imagine about it. Try to make it move in your mind - you will need good imagination to do this. And you can fantasise about it moving its parts and so forth. If that is not enough to make you fantasise then go to the video section - there is more action there and that is good for your visualization exercise. Do it as a daily routine and before long you will have the power of imagination like no other - trust that you will be good at fantasising. Computer Animation Games will be another where you can pick up your visualization prowess but you will have to be careful not to be too engrossed into it as it can be addictive - you might waste your time thinking that it would do you good as far as visualization is concerned.

seek knowledge from the internet

* You might make good progress if you are knowledgeable about how things work. Otherwise you might have to learn about it from the internet - just a click away. If you have some queries from your mind and if you are sure of what you don't know then the first place to go and find the answer is the internet - go to googles patent and key in the keyword that you want to find info. It will give you plenty to think about - don't waste your time on anything else!

We are talking about searching for something to spark a solution – searching in the internet with the right keyword. In order to do a proper searching, you need to have a good command of the language otherwise you would not be able to search the right thing. But you also need to have a proper understanding of the right keyword otherwise you would fail to find what you want. And when we are talking about the right keyword, we will also need to use a combination of words to enlarge our scoop – and in order to have a good combination of keywords we must have a good command of the language which for most of us is lacking in the department. Sigh! But not all are lost for you can always count on someone else’s to help around. Indeed it is good to have another opinion on your project least you could easily run off course without realising it.

* Then more refining of the product or services including as to how it will perform in the real world - some comparisons is inevitable. Now for whatever product or service that we are designing, we would need to have it relate to the real world happenings. You must have been aware that there are plenty of ideas coming from the academics which do not relate to anything in the real world – think of sitting aloof and dabbling with Rubik’s Cube in the silver tower! So you must remember that you are employed in the real world and for that you will need to look at the real world thing – you got to find the problem first or you will need to forego your meals. Getting to talk with industry people should be top most in your mind for now. However getting somebody’s ear is another thing altogether – it is another form of Facebook or LinkedIn!

* Get some opinions from a third party but be careful as to not give away the whole story.

* Then more refinement until you are satisfied that your product works - which will lead to a prototype (you must have the courage to do one). Working on the prototype will give you new ideas and problems but if you were to persevere, then you will get to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Well, that is the ABC of how to go about innovating. The trick is in your ability to VISUALIZE. That is also how our team of inventors/innovators do their idea sparking - and you too can.

And if after all the tips have been digested and you unable to innovate, then it would be better to leave innovation issue to us at Innovation on Demand