New Ideas


make the world go round and on this page you can explore the many ways that we can help to generate new ideas, or to bring your idea to fruition.

It is said that an active person will think of a new idea everyday! Unfortunately, people will most likely just put aside that idea and forget about it as easily. A rare few of us will ponder on it further, and develope it into something. But the truth is that people are capable of thinking new ideas, more than they think they are able to.

It is still a wonder as to how the mind goes about in generating ideas. And scientists everywhere has been studying the mind process, hoping to unlock the secrets so that they can help in putting more creativity in people's mind.

How can we help?

We have a service that provides new ideas. Just tell us what you want to do or tell us in which niche you intend to go and we will come up with some workable ideas to prick your mind. Call us or email us and tell us what you want.

Ideas Galore

The human mind works twenty four hours a day and during that time, a lot of ideas are generated. And these ideas get embedded in our brain cells! But we only have a limited amount of brain cells, so luckily for us, the brain only retains ideas for a short time, using a chemical reaction in the cells. If we don't regularly think of those ideas, it just gets lost and in its place, new ideas take abode. So in a sense, our mind is not inundated with ideas, only those that we think of very often will they be retained. And if you want to be a creative person, you will have to retain more of those useful ideas rather than to be flooded by useless ideas.

But ideas alone are of no use, unless you can make some meaning out of it. You not only need to have ideas, but you must have the tenacity to turn your ideas into action. That essentially is the difference between a creator and mere consumers! However, in the real world, only 10% of those who work on their ideas will ever make any form of success out of it! Making a success out of your idea needs plenty of courage as you will have to overcome many barriers, and the financial aspect being among the main one that can bring a person to his knees. An important advice is to select ideas that have practical uses in the real world. Sometimes, especially for first timers, getting an idea could be so overwhelming that reality is forgotten. Imagine if you have spent a year in making your idea work and finding at the end that there are no takers in the market!

In order that your idea is workable and acceptable, always do a little bit of survey with those around you by asking them what they think of your idea. If you get at least a 40% positive, then proceed, otherwise, do some tweaking and if possible, make changes. You will also need to frame your questions nicely; bearing in mind not to give away your idea entirely as high-jacks are everywhere! Another thing about ideas is never think the way you want it to be, but think what the others want it to be. It is their money that you are going to make that matters, not your idea! In case you are not sure of what to do with your idea, or you only have half an idea, why not give us a thinker? You can email us for an answer.

What about intangible ideas?

Well, with the internet, it is now possible to put intangible ideas like internet business ideas to work. You must be familiar with setups like Amazon, eBay and others that uses the internet to reach out to people throughout the globe with their business models. It all started with simple ideas and given some luck and good marketing, became global brands. You don't need to tax your brain too much in thinking of a product that sells by itself. That idea is now residing in your mind. But you need to take it further to make it meaningful and if you need assistance on such things, do give us a call. We are the company that might just give you that idea to make it whole, and we will supplement that with a business model that works! Call us or Email Us

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