What is Ideation-on-Demand?

How does Ideation on demand work?

your demand   we ideate

You identify your problem ............. and ............ We ideate a solution for you

How do we ideate?

First we frame up your problem in your environment – we will use a lot of visualization and brainstorming sessions to nail the solution. We brainstorm (a team of inventors) and we create diagrams. If the solution is a mechanical one, then we will visualize how it works and put it in an animated form for quick understanding. After that we will go and find more information about the technology (it could be a program) and go further in refining it to suit your industry. Then after everything is in perspective, we will post to you our solution in brief.

But before anything, it would require of you to lend us a fire: we will use your fire to spark of ideas.

lend us a fire to spark our ideas

Now let us explain what is that fire supposed to be: you will need to tell us what the problem that you are going to solve is – it could be a mechanical or digital problem. But before you even tell it to us, be very sure that it is a big problem for you as the solution will help you turn your company towards capturing bigger market share. Your problem might lead us to spark an idea that is conventional in thinking or it could be a disruptive solution – which might lead you to a whole new market. So you see the point of appointing us to do the ideation for you – it is the easiest path as you don’t need to crack your head!

When we talk about ideation or the creation of an idea, it is often taken as a dogma to create as many ideas as possible. However, it is often found that many of the ideas that are generated by a team of barnstormers are found to be duds! Then there is this problem of unknowingly going off course because people are often found going to the extent that they have forgotten what their original task is. In order not to be waylaid by inconsequential thinking, it is better to have a team of barnstormers that have the experience of useful ideating – as a means to cut down on time wasting. As for useful brainstorming practices are concerned, it would be best handed to a team that have very good knowledge of how the market works; we have a team of market experienced personals to do the hard crunching work for you. You will need a team of inspired tinkerers instead of a team of uninspired workers who were corralled (or forced) by the management to ideate.

Besides lending us a fire you will also need to feed us on what you do – and how do you go to market. This is because there will be a lot of bearing as to the way you go to your market. You will also need to feed us on your competitors so that we can create your business landscape – an analytics will be done on the profitability of your range of upstream and downstream products/services. We will also do a visualization of your product progression from our point of view – we will want to know of your long term plans if any. There will also be a need to size up your profit and lost margin so as to be able to ideate a plan to move up the scale. You would have realised that we are on the same boat - so we will need to really perform.

After which there will be further discussion between us and your innovation team. Then further refining and tweaking to suit your demand. And we call this Ideation-on-Demand – your demand and we create. The easiest way to achieve ideation without the hassles - get in touch with us!