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Innovation-as-a-Service through "Your demand, we Innovate for you" is an Innovation on Demand platform to help corporates to leap frog ahead of their competitors by way of introducing new products or services - Innovation in Product Design & Solutions to leap ahead of your competitors

Innovations can come in the form of tangibles or intangibles. You can have innovations in products, services, networks, processes, product performances and customer engagements.

Here we use Innovation Analytics to analyse how to make you more innovative in terms of products and services that will help you to sprint ahead of the competitions. So avail yourself to our unique inventor-lead Innovation-as-a-Service platform to change things and thus enabling you to move ahead of your dreaded competitors

Today's business is all about big data, business intelligence and analytics and how to make gain of it, or is it not? You would be wrong if you think software program can help you with your business prowess because to be innovative is about using a new way of doing something - and it is definitely not a new way to present information! Who should we rely to bring about innovations? A wise woman once advised that you should not be obsessed being trying to be innovative - you should instead leave it to those who are born innovative. So don't waste time, just leave innovation to the innovative guy - that is us (a team of inventors and innovators). Period.

Yes, you are reading it right. Leave innovation to people with innovation skills. We are here to help you knock off that innovative solution for you so that you can concentrate on what you can do best and not wasting your time pondering over some statistics churned out from the web. Point to note is that an innovative idea comes from a spontaneous reaction when confronted with a problem. The problem is always "how can you do it better" or "have you got any idea" sorts of thing. Most managers would have agreed that it is because they are not innovative than the next guy when they are queried about why they are experiencing stagnating sales.

Why is innovation important in business?

The worst case scenario of doing business has to face competitions – you will not have the craving to eat because your mind will be taken up by all the thinking of how to beat your competitors. Indeed, most businessmen are often bogged down by thinking of ways of how to beat their competitors instead of spending their time of thinking about ways to improve their revenue. One of the reasons that they fall into this quagmire is because they did not give enough thoughts to what they want to do. It is just like the case of people picking up the first flower they met knowing well that they would have made a better choice if they were to go scout around. You would then be better off if you were to spend some time going innovating your product or services before you go plunging into your business. It’s all about innovation – the more unique the better.

But surely there are many tools that we can use to create innovation - or is it! How about all those analytics program that with the use of a click you will be presented with insights and thus you would be able to innovate your way around!

In truth, there is not much of a use if we only depend on these newly fanged program to seek for new insights for we cannot depend on machines to give us a spark. Just be aware that the next guy out there will also get access to those algorithm churned statistics - it is either statistics, bar charts or the must have trend chart.

Still scratching your head?

Well, if you are inclined to be different then we have the new "Innovation Analytics" to help you to spark new insights, something that will be different from each other. We offer you this unique opportunity because we are doing it different from the other party and we are sure that you will get your own highway to pursue, far off from those who you consider as your neighbourly competitor!

How are we unique?

Here is why we are different. Besides having to rely on Big Data and Analytics, we also use human intelligence (and not artificial intelligence) to help spark off that unique idea. Yes, although we also go out there to spy on the latest trends, using new-fangled toys like artificial intelligence and data analytics, we however also use human intelligence in our brain storming sessions to get new working ideas. Whatever we come up with must have that tinge of innovativeness otherwise we would be too shy to offer out suggestions to our clients. Sparking ideas is our forte as we are all inventors so the solution from us will be unique and not like those that are churned from algorithms. However, we do need machines and programs to cut short our time to get to the innovation - so that our client will benefit from real fast innovations. Innovations from us must have that spark of surprise as it is often the outcome of a brilliant spark, something more often like a think out of the box and certainly contrarian in nature.

Here is a short brief of how we spark innovation for you

We will first do an analytics of what you have to offer. Your products and services: how innovative when compared to your competitors or market leader. Then we will hold a brainstorm session among our team of inventors who are industry experts. New ideas are generated and discussed among the inventors and market experts. Then a viable idea is solidified. We will then offer you the new idea. If you accept it, then we will further evolve the idea into a product or service and will present it to you for acceptance. Our ideas do not come from computer programs - it is innovated through the minds of our team of inventors and market experts. On most occasions we also tap on the experts from other countries - we have a large base of experts. This is how we do innovations, the kind that is sparked off from humans. Machines only come into play during the initial stage where we have to sieve through the available data from the public domain. What you get is an intelligent solution churned off from experts.

We would like to talk about visualization - the kind that you see in your mind. Visualization is more of an art and you get better at it after practising it for some time. In the process of innovation, you will need to hold the idea in your mind - but not only that you will need to visualize how it works. But before you can visulaize how it works, you will have to be creative, that is you will need to always want to be unique. If you are inclined to be lazy as a large number of people are, you will always want others to think for you. And you would be a follower instead of being a creator. So before you can innovate, you will need to fill those shoes or at least feel you want to lead. That is why although many can talk about being innovative only a few will be able to deliver it.

Our innovative sparks are often tied to our many years of experience in the market place. You will not get any better from that smart guy who had been tingling with codes of solutions. A solution from the algorithm is more often than a staid cluster of charts and trends. Talking about trends, we will need to access the social network to get insights, no doubt but we will need to access whether the idea can be profitably made because if otherwise, it would not pass master when we are talking about how to market it. We also take into consideration market sense and perhaps also the logistics of where it is made. Want to get a preview of what we have for you and your company? Get in touch with us soon before the crowd comes charging. To tell the truth, we cannot handle mass adoption like machines as we still have to depend on human brains to bring about innovations.

The end point of our Innovation-as-a-Service | Innovation on Demand is that it will give you a new exciting fresh direction be it in tangible or intangible forms that you will be able to afford.

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