Why do you need Innovation on demand?

The short answer is that it is easier to outsource your innovation needs to another party than to do it with your team. It is called Innovation on Demand - it is easier to demand from an expert than your team. Another thing is that it will cost you less than to run a team whom are not train to perform in terms of creation. Innovation is hard to come by, that is why you seldom get to see any innovation, more so from your team.

Our Innovation-on-Demand is plain and simple. All you have to do is just pop us the thing you want to solve - and we will go to brainstorm about it. You will get an answer within weeks. We will then reply to you for your opinion and go full steam ahead with evolving the innovation after you have given your support for it. We will then quote you a onetime price for you to take action. Innovation evolvements will normally take about a month for non-complicated innovations - after that there will be tweaking according to your demand which might take a couple of weeks more. Done deal with no hassles - something better than involving an in-house team.

Give us a thinker at no cost to you!