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Intelligent Open Space Air Conditioning

Intelligent Open Space Air Conditioning

As a result of ever infectious diseases like the novel corona virus, we would need to ask ourselves whether the air conditioning system that we had for ages should be discarded - the reason being that our air conditioning system was designed during the time when we had plenty of fuel and also when we had less infectious diseases. Our conventional air conditioning system was designed for an enclosed space - without any form of ventilation. But since we have less fossil fuel now, we should really take a hard look at our HVAC system to see whether we should re-design the system. Perhaps we should have a system that caters to an open space or a space with ventilation? But how do we air condition an open space? Would we need to burn more fuel then? Not really, as we have a new air conditioning system that caters to an open space. We called it "Intelligent Open Space Air Conditioning," yes, an idea that many people have been waiting for. Patentagentip engineers have succeeded in designing a new air-conditioning system that is able to be intelligent enough to determine how occupied is a space and thence go to tune the air-conditioning efficiently so as be able to direct the cooled air to the occupant of the space. So if you have an open space or a space that have ventilation built in, the intelligent air conditioning nozzles will direct the cooled air (or warm air) to the occupants who might be sitting together or separately in a room space - and not directing the cooled air to the ceiling or corners of the room.

The Intelligent Open Space Air Conditioner is designed to be Industry 4.0 ready so that it can be connected to outside network and thus be commanded remotely - as it is the unit is able to self control without outside command. The best thing is that it will automatically control by itself once set and intelligent enough to sense how many people it got to cool and where - automation makes our lives feeling super comfortable. And when you can air-condition an open space, you will not need to worry about the spread of infectious diseases as you can afford to have fresh air ventilated in and out of the space. We will have less of the flu and people will not need to breathe in other people's vomit! The new system (first of its kind in the world) is designed like a ceiling fan but operates like a robot. The air conditioning nozzle is articulated on three axes, so it will be able to deliver conditioned air (hot or cold) to the place of demand. "Intelligent Open Space Air conditioning" is designed to save you forty per cent of your utility fuel bill. Will it be able to cool the Qatar World Cup Stadium? Yes, certainly, because it was designed for an open space environment like that of a football stadium - it will need to force cooled air from out of the seating position!


Air conditioning appears to spread coronavirus-but opening windows could stop it, studies suggest>

Opening windows in buildings, including our homes, may prevent the spread of the coronavirus, scientists believe

Experts in health, the built environment and microbiology at the University of Oregon and the University of California, Davis, made the recommendations by reviewing existing studies on germs including SARS-CoV-2 (the virus which causes COVID-19 disease).

They also looked at data on other members of the large coronavirus family of bugs which trigger severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) and Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS). They published their findings in the journal mSystems.

The team hope their recommendations will help those tasked with deciding when and how to ease social distancing measures as the pandemic continues. According to Johns Hopkins University, 1.9 million people worldwide have so far been diagnosed with COVID-19, more than 126,700 people have died, and almost 494,000 have recovered.

April 2020 Newsweek

Open up your windows if you want to avoid catching coronavirus!

We are now capable of bringing air conditioning to an open space or space that have provisions of allowing fresh air to enter the environmental space. It also means that stale air (might be virus infested) can be filtered (to kill off the virus) and then exhausted. The new open space air conditioning system has two components. One of which is a redesigned air conditioner out-let nozzle (intelligent) and the other is a redesigned ventilation system that caters to the new environment.

New ventilation system

smart and intelligent ventilation system

The new ventilation system (catered for open space) is called 'Inflow-Outflow' system which will take into consideration the need to bring in fresh air either through a conventional window or an open door. This new system although being more costly will provide for an air intake and an air outlet system where the air will be filtered and sanitised before entering the space and again filtered and sanitised before being exhausted out into the environment. The idea is to cool a particular space whilst taking into consideration of an entry of fresh air and an exhausting of stale air (what people breathe out). Would it then be efficient for the air conditioning to take care of fresh air inflow and also the exhausting of already cooled stale air? It’s certainly not possible you may think because there will be a lot of leakages, yes? Well, that is where the new intelligent air conditioner outlet nozzle is designed to handle.

The new Industry 4.0 endowed Air Conditioner Outlet Nozzle

Designed from the ground up (to cater to fight spread of virus) and patent pending, the new Air Conditioner Outlet Nozzle is built with intelligence as it is able to detect how many spaces and which spaces need to be cooled in real time basis. Thus it is capable of running with high efficiencies as it does not waste energy trying to cool spaces which have no people like ceilings and spaces that housed the furniture. And when the environment changes like having people going in and going out at the same time, it will use its intelligence to gauge in which direction it will have to cool; this being done by the fully articulated nozzles that can change its configuration to deliver maximum cooling with the least amount of energy. So even if you have openings like a window or an opening door when someone comes knocking in, the intelligent nozzle will re-configured itself to train its cooling air to the new demanding conditions. In short, the new nozzle is intelligent and capable of detecting where the demand is and also determining how much to cool all the time tuning the compressor to run efficiently. All this is done automatically without having human inputs and when there is nobody in the room; it will automatically shut itself down and return to its standby mode. This new system is capable of a more than 55 per cent reduction in fuel bill when optimised.

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