Inventing Services and Patent creation

Malaysian Inventing Services for the SME's

malaysian inventing services

  • Are you sweating because of the competition?
  • Does your team come up short on ideas?
  • Have you not being able to put a new product on the table for ages?
  • Are your staff experiencing low moral because your company is heading no where?
  • Why is it always that your competitor is getting into the headlines and you nowhere to be mentioned?
  • Can't afford an R & D section in your company?

Well, fret no more. Help is at hand.

We have come up with our invention services to help you in creating new products. Products that are unique and capable of capturing the market. You do not need to depend on your product department to create new lines and you need not create your R & D department. Outsource your product development to us and focus on what you do best. We are a technology based intellectual property creation company. We also have a team of inventors who are best doing inventions. Let them help you bring a new direction for you.

Or perhaps you have a little new idea somewhere that you want to see it blossom into a great product? It always happens. People always have ideas. But often times, these little ideas don't make it to the front line. And the most likely reason is that they are not sure how to go about it. We have this program called the "Make it your patent program" where we will help you out in creating that patent for you. You will be the patent holder as the patent will be filed in your name as the inventor. Well, we can make it happen and we believe we are one of those few that is offering that kind of service in the world! Do you know how it will feel to be an inventor? We can make it happen for you. Give us a call to find out more. Please email us or call +60197572560 for more information. Remember this: Big ideas always start from small. Your small idea could just be the one!

Or if time is not on your side, then let us introduce you to new patents that are available for licensing. It will cut short your go to market path and get your return on investment in the quickest of times. Our invention services is not confined to the production of tangible products only but also includes business strategies and internet services idea. Most of our ideas are outright performers and some are even shocking. Give us a call then and surprise yourself with what we can come out with. Or mail us now for an insight.