Iskandar Industries

Preferred Iskandar Malaaysia Industries

* Electrical and Electronics-preferably using advance systems
* Petrol Chemicals-including oil and gas industries
* Oleo Chemicals
* Food Processing- using advance technologies
* Agro Product processing
* Logistical Services
* Tourism and eco-tourism projects
* Health services
* Educational services including setting up higher educational institutions and off shore campuses
* Financial services-including Islamic based systems<.h5>
* Consultancies and R & D centers
* Creative Multi media industries including movie productions
* Information processing and technologies
* Biotechnologies
* Retailing
* Housing
* Resorts
* Recreational facilities

The Iskandar Malaysia Projectcomprises five major development areas called "nodes". Node 1 is a comprehensive development area comprising of leisure, residential, financial and high-end industrial components and is generally termed the Medini area. Located in Nusajaya within the Iskandar Malaysia region, and between the Johor State New Administrative Centre (JSNAC) and the Second Crossing to Singapore, it is spread over approximately 96 million sq ft and an approved gross floor area of 188 million sq ft.

nodes of iskandar malaysia

Are you looking for business to invest in Iskandar Project?

There is good news for investors. As the Iskandar Malaysia Develpoment Region picks up steam, there are many entrepreneurs with good ideas looking for joint partners to pursue their dreams. New fast growth industries in the biotechnology, renewalble energy, new chemicals and biomedical products are made available for those who want to get a piece of the pie. We will help you to match with dynamic young entrepreneurs who have ideas but lack capital to pursue their endevour. The timing has never been better as investors are now taking a deep look at the opportunities that are thrown up by the opening up of Iskandar Region.

Think of this southern development corridor as an investment haven similar to what Shenzen was when Teng Siow Peng mooted the idea of the Hong Kong Corridor. There are similarities and there are differences as well. The similarity is that Iskandar Malaysia completely complements the dynamic metroplitan city of Singapore. There is enough land in Iskandar to build three Singapore sized cities. And there are differences as well. Unlike Shenzen, Iskandar Malaysia only attracts high growth industries. There is no more sweat shops set ups anymore but in its place, high technology industries that make better use of the region's resources. You are welcome to play that important part. The time is now! Get in touch with us immediately.

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