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The Iskandar Malaysia Project is termed "Malaysia's Super Economic Corridor" costing over US 100 billion dollars and over two decades to build. This is one of the largest size economic development regions in Asia in recent history. The possibilities are just enormous, almost unfathomable. Would you want to miss this once in a life time happening? No, you certainly don't want to bypass this rare opportunity would you?

Let us help you to get a piece of the action.

But if you are wondering like many others whether there is anything for you in Iskandar Malaysia, then read on.

Here are 16 important reasons why you should set up or relocate your business to Iskandar Malaysia

* Comaparatively low Infrastructural cost

* No floods to disrupt your business

* Comparatively Low Worker's Levy

* Easy availability of knowledge and non-knowledge workers

* Easy access to financing

* Easy access to Ports and Airports

* World class rated Communication networks

* Low cost of major raw materials

* Strong Governmental support

* Easy access to Technology Research Centers

* Tax incentives

* Industrial Centers built from the ground up

* Modern Housing estates for both Employers and Employees

* Low Energy cost

* Good access (FTA's) to emerging markets like ASEAN, China, India and the Middle East

* The world is your market-let us help you tap the world market through our ingenious "just a click from the world" program. A sure fire way to get firm exposure to World Buyers. We are sure to get you there within one month of engagement and with minimum cost!

* Excellent support for your R&D in terms of raw materials, pioneer status and Government Grants

* Major languages of Asia and English understood and spoken

* And most important of all, you will enjoy the wide open spaces and the greeness of the environment. It is after all "the place" to work, live and make wealth without a doubt!

* Important but usually missed points includes No Traffic Jams, No Water Crises and No Electrical Outages and plenty of Condos.

When you operate your business in Iskandar Malaysia, you will benefit from among others, Low cost, Attractive Incentives, Modern Living and a Green Environment built from the ground up. Furthermore, you will begin to Enjoy and get excited doing your business because so many things are possible. You will get to experience that "the world at your fingertips" phenomenon. Get on the wagon Now!

How we can assist you?

* We provide a one-stop-shop consultancy for all your requirements:-

* We use our in-house developed "touching the pulse" real time analytics program to advise you on the "who", "what", and "when" happenings at Iskandar Malaysia so that you will not commit into the "wrong type of business" here. This unique insight is an advance form of market survey done in real time.

* Of course you have heard of the what "analytics" can do for your company, but what if you are just starting out and you don't have the numbers or data to crunch? If you are new, there is just no way for you to have any data at all! So the normal analytics technique can't work for you. That is where our "touch the pulse" technology comes to play. You will therefore not have to plunge blind into any business here or anywhere else. This service is unique to PatentAgentip and it has been successfully used to pioneer PatentAgentip in many green fields. Be the next lucky company to benefit from this unique system and call us at Tel: +607 4342601 for an enlightening explanation on how to go forward. A lot of your precious money and time would be saved, no less! You can read more of our "Touch the Pulse" Market Research Services

* MSC satus application in Iskandar Malaysia Region (pioneer status and ten years tax incentives)

* MSC Bionexus (biotechnology) application at Iskandar Malaysia Region (pioneer status and ten years tax incentives)

* We will help you transform your old world industry into the new world technology based industry. Get the "Blue Ocean" air-ticket and beat the competition righ now.

* Your relocation needs for the Iskandar Malaysia Development Region

* Malaysian Statutory Employment requirements

* Company setups in Iskandar Malaysia

* Purchase Property requirements in Iskandar Project. You can search for properties here

* Application for other approved incentives for Iskandar Malaysia

* Factory and housing planning requirements for the Iskandar Malaysia Region

* Technology Transfers from world renown Research Networks if required

* Arranging Funding applications for Green Technology setups (soft loans available from financial institutions

* Arranging for Pioneer Status

Just what types of industries does Iskandar Malaysia prefer? Read more here

Or if you need to find more information about Iskandar Malaysia, you can get a better view at Iskandar Project

Are you looking for factory space or properties in Iskandar Malaysia? As part of our one-stop shop service, PatentAgentip can assist you to find suitable factory lots in Iskandar Malaysia. We will also help you to acquire the necessary statutory permits for you to begin your business at Iskandar Deveolpment Region (IDR). We offer our consultancy for you to start your business in the fast growing region of Johor. Our services will include helping you to get settle down in Iskandar Malaysia Project with a minimum of fuss. You can source for properties or list your properties for sale at Iskandar Malaysia Properties

You can also source or list for Knowledge Workers or you can contact us at +6074342601 or email us about your requirements.

You can read more about happenings in Iskandar Malaysia here

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