Iskandar Malaysia Properties-Forest City

Iskandar Malaysia Properties-Forest City

Forest City is iconic as you can get. Straddling 13.86 square kilometers on four man made islands between Johor and Singapore and extensively connected to Iskandar Johor and Singapore by bridges, the project is developed with smart and intelligent systems such that when your house is broken into, the authorities will be informed and the broken pieces made good within the day.

The project utilizes 3D multi-tiered urban planning concept, with lush green surroundings and no vehicles traversing its surface. It is a made quiet, safe, and relaxing living. All the vehicles are docked underground, where there are ample parking spaces and well-connected routes to the surrounding areas.

The entire city is covered by vertical greeneries, sky gardens, and a rooftop gardening system, forming a natural barrier that saves energy, gives oxygen, conserves rainwater, and cuts down on noise. There are green parks, circle-island planning green lanes and bar blocks in the entire city and surrounded waterfront parks. It is pure living.

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