Johor Real Drone Game

johor real drone game

Introducing the first of its kind in the world-Real Drones Game

The unique game of Johor Drones Game was designed by our engineers as an affordable version of moving target shooting practise for the military. Its use of flying drones doing battle with each other over a militarised landscaped is designed to give airmen and artillery infantry practice in shooting down their moving enemy craft. It also afford land forces a means of target shooting drones which are being used these days to land explosives onto ground forces.

As drones have become militarised in many parts of the world, it goes to have drone flying training for those who are involved in this new industry. Technology has shaped the manufacturing of drones as a sophisticated setup with the use of micro electronic items like that found in mobile phones. Tiny sensor parts are incorporated into meniscal drone manufacturing and not for long, artificial intelligence modules will be incorporated to make drones truly intelligent. The future of drones is very bright, so engineers from Patentagentip will do its utmost to contribute to the Johor Drone Industry in Iskandar Puteri, Johor.

battleground of johor drone game

Drones technology has been pushed to the forefront as seen by the victory of Azerbaijan over Armenian forces. Never in the history of war have drones being used to defeat the enemy as the case with the recent war over Nagorno-Karabakh. Of course the drones used were of the modern kind with some capable of carrying explosives and missiles. "The Azeri drones (reputed to be supplied by Turkey) were indeed a ‘magic bullet’ insofar as they were able to take out Armenian air defences and ground assets,” war analyst Samuel Bendett said. Governments of the world would have to start paying attention to what drones can do to the enemies and do so at a fraction of the cost of buying an F35!

Nearer to home, drones do have an astounding number of uses including for precision agriculture, spraying of insecticides, video shooting, fighting fires and many more. But over here in Iskandar Puteri, drones are used as war games. Not the real war but practise war games played out by individuals including the military and corporate figures. The Johor Drone Game can be designed as a game to enhance teamanship building among corporate players. Usually, two teams are formed so that each team will strategies on how they can beat the other team. This drone game is the only one of its kind in the world and is only available at Iskandar Puteri, Johor for the time being. Players will be thrilled as they are the only people in this world who get to experience the thrill of shooting down enemy drones with their own drone. Of course since the game is so new, players will need to be trained on how they can navigate and shoot (with laser beams) off enemy drones. In this game, the team with the most remaining drones after a certain set time in the air takes victory. This drone game is made available via franchise. There will also be a future version where multiple players from the rest of the world can participate from their own countries! A virtual version will also be offered.

players using fpv goggles

players wearing fpv goggles to play the game