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Jump out of the box Innovation - synonymous with the blue ocean journey that you have been waiting for.

please let me out of this snake pit

Jump out of the box innovation – the practical blue ocean strategy to beat your competitors!

Competitions, the more the better - or is it competing gives you headaches that does not go away! From another angle there is a saying that competitions will make you stronger. There is no doubting that competition is good as far as the consumer is concerned because of competitions you get a better product or service. On the contrary, if there is no competition, then people will tend to slack. Entrepreneurs are better off if there is competition but too much competition will mean they have to jump out of the pit – there should be a way to do it. It is called “jump out of the box innovation” – a new reason to jump out of the pit that houses a large number of poisonous snakes to the extent that you have to get out. Yes, we are talking about competition - the kind that stifles you from every angle! We are of the view that it is better to find a way out rather than to continue to do battle fighting over some legacy issues. So we have this do or die platform called "Jump out of the box which we think will go a long way to bring you relief.

“Jump out of the box innovation” is our new way to help you to get out of competition and to jump into the blue ocean where there is very little competition, so to speak. Business consultants have been advocating for a blue ocean kind of thing for quite some time but they do not offer a way to do so. This is because businesses normally feel very comfortable about the way they do things and they would not like to face disruptions of any kind. There is a saying that if a thing is not spoilt, then don’t go and rectify it. However, we are now in the global market place and even if things do not go wrong, we will be better off in the long run if only we do a little bit of preparation for the future – that is we will need to innovate for a better future.

“Jump out of the box innovation” is the only practical way for you to give a better offering to the mark and it is done through an insightful exploration of the innovation landscape of your domain. We will focus on what is stale and thence go and spin the thing around until we get a spark. The spark is about a new product which we will further look at its marketability as well as whether it is viable to make it via the resources that you have. The exercise will take some time to cure and once we have a viable solution, we will then offer it to you for your consideration. The process of sparking innovation comes from our team of human lead inventors/innovators – we do however use algorithms to cut down on the chaff. When after our landscape discourse has been performed, then we will have a group brainstorming to spark new ideas. The other important thing to do is to look at the marketplace for breadcrumbs that can spark off the client’s blue ocean journey. Please take note that we will spark off the innovation for you!

Even as we tout the innovation out of the box thing as the way to go, there is however another aspect that we will need to deal with ; that of how to go to market. We are aware that it would need a large sum of money to go out there to promote our new product. It would even be a more difficult task if the product has a large technical content. Marketing technical product is difficult enough, what more if the product is new to the market when we will have to open up a new section to better explain how the product work. But like anything else there will be that honey pot at the end of the journey if we were to persevere in our endeavour. Entrepreneurs will have to take this into consideration when they open their arms to the blue ocean innovation.

There is now the issue of generating new ideas using ChatGPT so is it viable? Sure, you can get new ideas from chatGPT or its many clones but these ideas have to come from what is found on the internet. Of course these ChatGPT's are often integrated with human transformers but do not expect that the human transformings are in anyway innovative as the human workers are often stressed beyond capable of giving out innovations. So in short you should not expect anything surprising from ChatGPT and therewill be very little innovation coming from Artificial Intelligence even if we are talking about the AI learning from its mistakes. Innovations from human minds is the only viable thing so get in touch with us for that piece of gold that can help you transform your organisation into that Phoenix capable of extended flights.