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Why is fifty percent of the trademark applicant is objected?

The reasons why many of the trademark/logos are objected is because of two main reasons. Trademarks that are not distinctive enough and trademarks having descriptive words is why they are objected (rejected). The other reason that is most commonly encountered is that it looks and sound similar to those that are already registered.

This being the case in most jurisdictions is the reason why Patentagentip is offerring its analytics and design concept to enterprises so that they can avert from being objected (and rejected). Just imagine the time and cost that is wasted when your application is objected whilst you have already started using the trademark or logo in your business - for you will have to register a new trademark or logo and to substitute it to the one that your have been using. Bear in mind that you won't be reimbused when your application come to a halt and not forgeting the headache of reprinting those documents and flyers that you have used for starting your business - also the embarrassing moment that you have to tell your client that you have to change your trademark or logo!

What we do to help you-

First we will do a comprehensive analysis of the trademark landscape of your particular field - this is to see what is available from the market place so that you would not be termed an infringer. Trademark or logo infringment can give rise to being sued - so unlike the ordinary guy who went about using the trademark even before it is approved, you will be in a better position. Analysis will bring forth insights as to the vibrancy of the particular field - it will give you insights to who your competitors are, locally or abroad. This will also help you to move forward as your next stage of your journey and also giving you plenty of food for thoughts - its like comparing to the blind man who can't see what is coming.

Then only we will go forward to create your trademark bearing in mind all those barriers that we cannot enter. We will ensure that your trademark is unique, one of its kind and will not confuse others when similar looking logos are compared. Uniqueness and Distinctiveness will be our call card - it also conform to the legalities as enshrined in the various trademark offices in the world. Now you know it is not that simple to just go and create your trademark and logo or to ask any run of the mill graphic designer who might not be aware or bothered with legal issues to create for you. At the end of the game, you will have the confidence of using your trademark or logo even before it gets registered - and you might want to add certain configurations after you have successfully registered the logo or slogans.