Rotary Maglev

Introducing the unique designed to be slow Rotary Magnetic Levitation Train System

Unlike the conventional magnetic levitation train which has to run at a high speed to make it viable, the Rotary Maglev is designed for slow speed to be used in urban settings. Rotary Maglev will make a good complement to the Rapid Transits as they offer a more comfortable way of travelling.

The Rotary Magnetic Levitation System can also be used on conventional trains by way of reengineering of the undercarriage. By so doing, the conventional train will be able to experience smoother travelling along the present rail tract. Since it can be adapted for use for convential train, it could also be incorporated into land vehicles like automobiles. It is a sort of like magnetic suspension. However, we will have to wait for such technology to be incorporated into road running vehicles as the cost of development is high.