Malaysia Grants Application

Patentagentip offers its advice on the application for Malaysian Government Grants.

At the present moment, most grants are of the matching grant type: that is the government will match ringgit for ringgit.

At the moment, there are three bodies that offer grants.

1. Malaysian Technology Development Corporation matching grant.

2. Cradle Fund prove of concept development fund

3. MESTECC (ministry of energy, science, technology, environment and climate change) matching grants.

Companies applying for grants must have a sixty percent Malaysian equity. Start-ups should apply for Cradle Fund to move forward. Commercial companies that have a strong technology (should have filed intellectual property) field should apply for MTDC commercialising grants whilst researchers and entrepreneurs can avail themselves to the MESTECC prove of concept matching grants.

You may also apply for soft loan through the Green Technology Funding Scheme. Both, producers and users of green products can apply for the soft loan. Maximum loan (government absorbs 2% of interest) for producers is RM50 million.

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