DM 354 Roadmap and Msc Status bearings

Malaysia's Digital Roadmap

Malaysia is moving towards a new era termed "Digital Malaysia 354 Roadmap." According to Malaysia's Minister of Communication and Multimedia the country will spearhead a new initiative called "DM354 Roadmap." Unlike other roadmaps, this one will bring Malaysia towards Developed State by 2020.

What exactly is DM354 Roadmap?
Put in short, DM means Digital Malaysia and 354 means 3 ICT Focus Areas, 5 Sub-sectors and 4 Digital Malaysia communities. Well, quite a mouthful but it essentially involves everyone Malaysian, no matter whether they are already in a digital lifestyle or not. Malaysia sees itself immersed fully in digital as if embracing fully in digital will help transform the economy into a fully fledge developed nation. It is not a joke and it is dead serious.

Multimedia Development Corporation (Mdec) which is in charge of digitalizing every aspect of our life style is entrusted with leading us to that objective. The minister said with the deployment of DM354 Roadmap levers will be moved to stimulate growth in Malaysia's digital landscape. This is done by enabling the environment in 3 ICT focus areas, namely Access, Adoption and Use. Eventually it will increase accessibility on internet with relevant adoption on digital content and wider usage of digital technology by government, businesses and communities to improve productivity and enhance quality of life.

Well, that involves everyone so changes in lifestyles will be mandated in both personal and public domains. Right in the center piece is the service sector which the government hope will be entirely changed to be digital driven. One aspect of that is the use of Big Data where everything will be data driven and data analyzed to run with top efficiency. This will help Malaysia better compete with low cost producing countries. And rightly so because Malaysia can't compete on price, so you see that they are no other choice but to fully tap ICT knowhow and at speed too!

Equally important will be the initiative to use Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) which can give institutions the predictive tools to improve learning outcomes for students and thus enhancing the quality of graduates. This initiative will involve the participation of the government and private sectors and will not only reduce costs and raise productivity but also provide a comprehensive and holistic approach that is needed to drive Malaysia towards a competitive edge vis a vis other producing nations.

"Digital Malaysia will drive the nation's wealth creation and enhance the standard of living so that the country will advance towards a developed digital economy by 2020," said the Minister of Communication and Multimedia.

The Strategy

The Ministry of Communications and Multimedia, with the support of the Malaysian Administrative Modernization and Management Planning Unit (MAMPU) will see the development of Malaysia's Big Data framework in 2014, while MAMPU and MDeC will jointly implement four government initiated BDA pilot projects by 2015. MDeC will roll out the private sector led BDA project to create 20 BDA applications.

What will DM 354 achieve then?

In a gist, Digital Malaysia's outcomes include increased wealth (GNI), enhanced productivity and improved standard of living. The existing and planned initiatives and programs under DM charts the path to achieving DM's 2020 aspirational goals which includes increasing the Digital Economy's contribution to GDP from 13% to 17%, raising Malaysia's ranking in World Economic Forum (WEF) Global IT Report (GITR) from top 28 countries to top 20 countries amongst 138 economies; and raising Malaysia's ranking from top 16 to top 10 amongst 59 economies in the Competitiveness Scoreboard, all by

And where does Msc Status Companies stand?

Since there are about two thousand over companies (surviving) with Msc status accreditations, the obvious thing to do will be to enhance their capabilities so that they can meet world benchmarks. The main problem with Msc Status companies is that most of them have not moved up the value chain since getting their status and they will be the target to go for upgrades. One route to take is to offer a carrot to improve. Another is to help them to go for world market by hand holding. Maybe even bringing in world experts in marketing in this digital age. But if you are considering whether to get Msc Status accreditation you must be able to embrace what the DM 354 Roadmap is all about. It is no more seat warming anymore but looking towards world player and Malaysian companies have gone there too!