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Malaysian Government Grants and Soft Loans Application

The Malaysian Government being cognizant of the importance of SME's playing an important part in the development of the economy, has structured grants to be awarded to deserving businesses that showed potentials. If you are an SME and you require funds to further develope your business, you should apply for one of the many grants available.

However you must be reminded that grants being limited in numbers, it will by extension only go to the most deserving cases and probably to one with a strong IP asset. The most critical point is do you have Intellectual Properties (IPs)? Let us help you in creating your IP potfolios because if you have IPs, if possible more than one, then your business is considered very bankable, and if you have multiple IPs (whether in tangible product or intangible ones) then the value of your business is increased by many folds (not many people knows about this), and by extension, very bankable. The other important aspect is whether you have a viable business model or not.

Many have applied but choose to give up because they have not only to offer best technology, but also to offer the best in business modelling. That might put off many technologist as they are normally only good at the technical aspect of the business and not the go-to-market business strategy. In case you have doubts, we offer you our expertise on how best to apply. As we are in the technical line and in local businesses for many years, we can help you to construct a business plan that is at par with the best in the market.

Not only that, we can combine our market research knowhow to assist you in the best way to go-to-market, which is very important if you want to secure your grant. We can even structure a modern marketing plan for you, one that is able to take advantage of cutting edge information technologies. PatentAgentip is one of a handful of companies in the world who has the experitise to help you "create" your intellectual property! Would you want to miss this opportunity?

We offer consultancy for the application of various types of Malaysian Grants and Soft Loans. Some of the grants includes:-

* From MOSTI - ScienceFund, TechnoFund, Research and Developmentand Enterprise Innovation Fund. You may want to see details here

* From MTDC - Commercialisation of Research & Development Fund, Technology Acquisition Funds.You may want to see more details here

* From Biotech Corp - Seed Fund, R&D Matching Fund, International Business Development Matching Funds.

* From SME Corp (formerly SMIDEC) - Business Accelerator Programme, Enrichment & Enhancement Programme-Matching Grants and Soft Loans.

* From Mdec - ICT MSC Malaysia R & D Scheme/Funding. Also Product Development & Commercialisation Fund (PCF)

* From Bionexus - Biotechnology Commercialization Fund.

* From Green Technology Corporation - Green Cert to open door for soft loan.

Also available are grants for the smaller guys:-
* For filing intellectual properties local and international up to RM22, grant money
* For Development and Promotion of Halal Products up to RM 150, grant money
* For ISO Projects up to RM 250, grant money
* For New Business (service sectors) up to RM 100, grant money

Cradle Funds

The Cradle Fund is a pre-seed grant offered to entrepreneurs for prototype development and valued at RM150,000.00

In addition, Cradle Investment Program (CIP) also offer another scheme which gives up to RM500,000.00 grant. This offer was started in 2009, which is essentially a seed fund to help technology companies attain commercialisation and are only awarded to local start-up companies with innovative technologies and good commercialisation prospects.

CIP is Malaysia's only end-to-end funding programme which provides funding from idea conceptualisation to product commercialisation via its pre-seed (CIP Catalyst & U-CIP Catalyst) and seed (CIP 500) grants.

You might wish to take a closer look at Cradle Investment Program

Grants from Ministry of Science and Technology (MOSTI)

TechnoFund is a grant scheme which aims to stimulate the growth of innovation of Malaysian enterprises by increasing the level of R&D and its commercialisation. The scheme provides funding for technology development, up to pre-commercialisation stage, with the commercial potential to create new businesses and generate economic wealth for the nation. The grants offer a maximum of RM3,000,000 for innovative businesses.

Innofund is a grant offer to the business of improving of existing product, processes and services. The gist is that if you can prove that you have innovation, then the grant is yours for the taking. Maximum amount is RM300,000.00

Sciencefund is a grant for you to do R&D projects that can lead to a discovery of new ideas focussing on high impact and innovative research. Maximum amount is RM500,000.00

Malaysian Technology Development Corporation

Through the Technology Development Programme established since the 7th Malaysia Plan, the Government had entrusted MTDC with the management of two grants. These grants provide support to local companies, helping them to enhance technology content, increase capacity, capability and competitiveness. The new focus is on biotechnology but others may be considered.

MTDC Technology Acquisition Fund (TAF) which was established to facilitate the acquisition of strategic, proven foreign technology for immediate implementation into existing business. The Fund provides the right support to Malaysian companies, enabling them to enhance their technology level and production processes through the acquisition of new technologies. TAF provides funding in the form of partial grants with a maximum of RM2 million or 50% of the eligible expenses (whichever is lower).

MTDC Commercialisation of R&D Fund (CRDF) which provides added stimuli for the right innovation among Malaysian-owned companies, by providing partial grants to qualified R&D projects. These grants will enable full commercialization of home-grown R&D, developed by local universities/ research institutions or the private sector.

PatentAgentip would like to offer their expertise in helping you apply for these grants. Malaysian grants are normally given to enterprises that is at the stage of "proof of concep" and if you are trying to establish a "proof-of-concept" then you can apply for grants. The value of grants starts from RM50,000 to RM2,000,000 depending on your project (only tangible ones). Now, because of the large number of entities trying for a go at getting grants and because of limited amount of resources, you will need to put in a "credible business proposition" meaning it will have to have great merits. Often, you will need to have the latest technology, so that the authorities may select you for the grant due to merits. So before you apply for the grant, take a moment to access your business idea. Ask yourself is it the best, is it better than the next guy? Unfortunately it is not an everyday affair that you can come up with a meritorious project so you will need to do a lot of polishing work. As we are a technology company that deals with the latest technology on a daily basis, we will help out with drafting a business idea that:-

* Outshines the competitions-it must be better than the others!
* Business plan that is imbued with market research work.
* Business proposition that is doable, credible and does not take too much of a budget to make it happen.
* Business plan with a doable Go-to-Market strategy (even though it is supposed to be a proof-of-concep thing).
* a business that is continuosly fed with market sense.
* a business that is accessible to new markets (via our "Touch the Pulse" market exploration program).
* a business that can be fine-tuned with "up-to-the-minute-technology"
* a business that reach world markets (with our "Touch-the Pulse" web-positioning techniques).

But in case you are short on technology, do not dispair as we can get you a licensing deal from a foreign patent.

For those who envisions their business deserving to be accorded Malaysian Pioneer Status or who wish to apply, you may like to take a look at what benefits can be derived from obtaining pioneer status here.

Interested? For those who wish to excell, give us an inkling via Our E Mail address


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