Msc Status Application Timeline

What is the Msc Status Application Process and Timeine like?

msc status application process

* Pre-Application: A process to vet whether you have a suitable business plan. It will probably take about a week or two. Once approval is given, you will be informed to proceed with the online application and a business analyst will be appointed to assist you in your application.

* Online appplication: You will be provided with a panel to fill in your business and financial plan. You should not take too long for this process.

* Assuming that you have deligently filled in your plans, you will have to inform your business analyst that you have completed the filings. Your business and financial analyst will then vet through your online filings. If they are satisfied with your plans, then they will arrange for a date to present your application to the Approval Commitee. This process will depend on whether there is any schedule meeting for the month.

* Finally the Approval Commitee will either approve your application or reject it. Sometimes, they do require more information from you in which case they will defer giving you approval until you can satisfy their enquiries. If you get a rejection then that is the end of your application. You can't appeal but you can apply again perhaps with a new plan.

* The whole process used to take about 2 months but because of a large backlog of cases and insuficient staffs, the process will take about 6 months conservatively.

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