No Vehicle Overtaking

autonomous vehicle no overtaking controller - ai

AI powered autonomous vehicle no overtaking controller

Introducing the Artificial Intelligence Powered Autonomous Vehicle No Overtaking Controller which is designed for rural winding roads. The controller will work 24 hours to prevent vehicle overtaking when the condition is adverse for overtaking. It is part of the set up designed for the implementation of autonomous vehicle system for rural environments where communication is not that advance for example where 5G is not available. The versatility of this controller is that it is also available for use of ordinary vehicles with an integrated dashboard sensing module - set to use out of the box where required roadway infrastructures are in place. With this controller in place, there will be less of vehicles crashing into each other as they navigate through the rural roads. Especially useful for fast driving conditions - as well as for the prevention of road congestions.

Where autonomous vehicle infrastructures are not available in the rural roadways, autonomous vehicles will need to reset its electronic program to that of a lower level of navigation. In such a case, the autonomous vehicle will fall back on the lower level of autonomous navigation by using basic on-sight sensing devices like for example LIDARS and Infra-red devices. For such a purpose, the Autonomous Vehicle Controller do have infra-red and LIDAR devices to inform on coming vehicles about the road conditions, running on a 24 hours basis and with its own power supply system.