How we craft patents

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As preparing a patent is a serious thing, we do take care on how to best prepare your patent so that you can have that intellectual property registered and protected.

Procedures includes:-

* Accessing your idea-this is an important step because everything else will depend on it. How do we assess it then? First of all we will look at it to see if there is an element of uniqeness. The way we look at uniqeness is quiet different from what others see it because we have come accross many ideas in the course of our work. What could be unique to you may not be unique to us. We very often meet people who believes that their idea is unique and the "only kind" in the world! Unfortunately, in reality, it is often rare to find something the only kind in the world!

There is always something out there that looks similar, if you were to really do a search. Now, that might dissapoint the client but is is certainly not the end of the world because we use search to find roadblocks so that we can evade them as we draft our patent. So search is a very important part of our work and if we can do more of it the better. Unfortunately and because we only have a limited timeframe, we can only do our best to search for as many roadblocks as we can afford. The real work of drafting the patent will depend on what we have in front of us and clients must understand our limitations. In short, the patent draft will be as good as what we have search and it could be better if only we have more time to look at corners. But rest be assured that the draft that we do come up with will be good. And we do the draft inhouse, not like many other agents who outsource it!

* Accessing your idea to see any inventive step-this is also a pre-requiste to getting a patent grant. An Inventive step must also be compared to others so that we can assess whether a patent is possible in lieu of all those patents already granted. An inventive step could mean a new method of achieving a goal that is not obvious to the learned. It could be mechanical, chemical or biological in nature but not a mathematical formula. As for computer software, it is not normally accepted for a patent unless it is absolutely new but it is still possible to file it in the US. An inventive step is always non obvious and you would not have thought about it. Still, some ideas might not be that non obvious as they may pass as an improvement of an existing method. You may get a grant for it and generally, most new patents are an improvement of an existing system.

* Can it be use in an industry-equally important because you can only be granted a patent if it is useful to an industry. If you have a method of mass destruction of the human specie, or even a way to terminate pets, then you would not be granted a patent. The crux here is usefullness, not harmful to society. And as we are entering the world of efficiency and greeness, you would be encouraged to think green. It would be very usefull because we are running out of resources and we do have global warming getting out of hand. Still, the judging of usefullness of an item can be subjective so it is best referred to people in the intellectual property business.

With our market research, you will get a better patent because inventors always think they know what the market need but in reality, what the market need is not always what you think. So you might patent an idea but you do not know whether that is the thing for people out there. It helps when you have a good knowledge of the market forces and we endear your patent to better suit the market. Of course this is an option that you might not want but we will let you know anyway. Sometimes, we do come across ideas that we know people don't buy and we will let you know about it. But if you insist, then we will do according to what you want.

* You might have a new business idea and you are wondering whether you can get a patent? Well, business ideas can be patented but only in the US.

* In case you only have an inkling of an idea, we can help you to make it possible. This however cannot be done if the idea is just an ordinary idea. And some people do have difficulty solidifying their idea. It got to be unique.

In case you still have difficulty determing whether your idea deserves a patent grant, do give us a call or Email Us for a better assessment.

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