Knowledge Process Outsourcing

Malaysia Outsourcing company with specialization in Knowledge Process Outsourcing(KPO)

We provide Knowledge, Legal, Market Research, big data analytics processing for Small and Medium Enterprises. The next frontier for the business world is to achieve absolute effieciencies when they go about doing their businesses. Whilst it has been a traditional model for business enterprises to do in-house work on such things like research, product development, manufacturing and marketing, pioneering managers have successfully deployed outsourcing their business operations to a third party of outsourcer. The results are certainly defining as these companies have not only reaped cost efficiencies, but also able to focus on the thing that they do best. It has been strategically important to go the outsourcing route because competition is every where. You just cannot afford to run a company using old world methods. For those who have embraced outsourcing, they do not want to turn back. For others, it would probably be their only life line to outbid the fierce competition.

For your convenience, we provide

* Intellectual Properties and their creation and protection-Malaysia has been recoqnised as having a strong framework for IP protection. Patentagentip not only help process your Intellectual Property but also help you "conceive" intellectual property.

* Market Research-PatentAgentip is the inventor of cutting edge "Touch the Pulse" Real Time Market Researching.

* Big Data Analytics and Predictives-We provide both small and big data analytics suitable for both big and small enterprises.

* Internet Marketing strategies focussing on your target markets. By the way do you know where is your target market? Let us help you with our tested "real time market accessment module" to find your best paying market! This is our proprietary method culled from a decade of "real time market research" and only available from PatentAgentip.

* Advance and leading edge Information and Technology solutions and services to help you better manage your enterprise

* Web site Optimization, Web Content and Web Positioning

* Legal Services-legal transcription services for legal documents, reports, court proceedings, court transcipts, trial transcriptions, client letters, memorandums, presentations and many more.

When you outsource, you hire an efficient third party to do the job for you with cost and time savings. We provide that that important service that can help you better compete in your industry.

The main reason for outsourcing your business processes:-

  • The job can be done by a third party at a much cheaper cost than you were to do by your in-house team

  • You save on new employees, office space and you might not need to install new software

  • Off shoring business set ups have improved on their manpower, technology and techniques many folds and they are there to help you save cost and do away your headaches

  • And most of all, you save on unnecessary headaches so that you can devote your attention on your core activities.


    We also offer a one stop shop for Market Research where you can relegate all those important processes that you are not knowledgeable at like testing for product acceptability, pricing, target markets, data analytics, predictive model and internet marketing. Have you heard of doing business on cruise control? Well, one of the way is to outsource all those processes that you cannot afford to perform in-house. With that done, you can concentrate on what you know best, and that is running your business. Today, we do not talk about borders as they have conveniently dissapeared. We are more comfortable with relegating part of our business to third parties that are knowledgeable about them. Today we also want to embrace technologies that can can make our lives more comfortable as competition grows. Doing market research and using data analytics to help chart our course will help put us in front of the crowd.

    Contact us and tell us your problems. We might have the solution for you. What we recomend will make you one step ahead of your class. We are after all a technology based firm and we have helped create patents for firms around the world. We can also arrange for technology transfers for your firm if you need something to diversify into. Please do not wait for your competitors to come knocking you down. It is time for action and do not hesitate any more. Email for an insight into how we can transform your business into a class leader.

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