Patent Broker

Patent Broker

Welcome to our Patent Broking site where you can buy or sell your patents.

We are an International Patent Brokers Group and we are here to assist you to get the best deals for buying and selling ideas and intellectual properties.

As a result of our work with people with multitudes of ideas, and our work in helping them with their patent filings, we can assist you to source for ideas. We have a wide spectrum of potential projects that are just ripe for development, most of them near cutting edge technologies. Some have already obtained patents, while a large number have their patents filed. These are virgin ideas, with some of them needed further shaping to be turned into diamonds. But we will help you to horn them into diamonds as we have a long history of product designs and know what turns on the consumers. However, many of the idea owners do not wish to have their ideas exposed in the commercial front. We will therefore handle their properties discretely, and so you will not see them listed on our site. Upon request and your wish, we will scout for you the project according to your requirements. Please sent us an email on the type of product that you wish to source and we will do it on our side. We also have patent attorneys to help you in the transaction.You can mail to us here

We also buy patents for strategic reasons either by our group or on behalf of our strategic partners.

If you have an idea and a patent, you can also enthrust us to source for buyers. We are patent brokers and we do have international buyers ready to source for unique items. Before you enthrust us to get you buyers, please make sure that you are protected, and preferably have a patent to it. You can also sent us your ideas if you have patent pending. We will also send you our legal non-disclosure document for your protection upon request. Hope to be of service to you. Thank you.

The PatentAgentip Management

How do we charge for the service? We charge on a contingency basis--that's right, we only charge a ten percent of the sales price upon successful sale. We don't collect any upfront money at all.

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