Malaysian Patent Prosecution Flowchart

Patent Prosecution Flowchart

malaysian patent flowchart

Malaysia practices a dual method of patent prosecution namely the normal route and the expedited route. Normal timeframe to reach grant is about 5 years and expedited route is shortened by six months. Normal cases will entail no complications. When complications arrise, the route could take longer depending on the nature of complications. Appeals will be entertained when there are objections and amendments can be made.

Filing under the PCT Protocol

For a Malaysian entity who chooses to also file internationally, it must first file in Malaysia followed by lodging a request for PCT application. In order to enjoy priority claim, the PCT request must be filed not later than 12 months of first filing in Malaysia. International filing for substantial examination must then be filed in foreign countries not later than 20 months from the first filing date. You may want to look at the PCT Pathway here

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