PCT Malaysia Flowchart

Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) Flowchart Malaysia

malaysia pct flowchart

The PCT is a treaty between 125 Paris Convention countries who adheres to recognition of patent rights accorded by member countries and it is managed by the World Intellectual Organisation(WIPO). Under this treaty, patent protection is accorded in member countries when a single application is filed in Geneva (WIPO's headquarter). However, the granting of patents remains with the participating member country. Malaysia became a member of PCT on 16th May 2006.

* Under the PCT Protocol, applicants can have up to 18 months more time before deciding to file internationally.

* The applicant can request for an international search conducted by appointed international seacrh country (Australia, EU, Korea and Japan) where report are treated seriousely before consideration for a patent grant or rejection.

* As an international application is published together with an international search report, third parties are in a better position to formulate a better opinion about the patentability of the claimed invention.

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