Preferred Msc Status Activities

Which Msc Status Activity gets approved?

preferred msc status activities

According to our research, the activities that gets the most approvals since 2010 are:-

* Share Services Outsourcing

* Enterprise Resource Planning

* Creative Multimedia-Animation

* Mobile Games

* Customer Relationship Management

* Payment Gateways

* Financial Management

* Content Mangement Software

* Mobile Content

* Mobile Payment

* Health Telemetrics

* Mobile Chatting

* Project Management

* Web Portal

* Asset Management

* Creative Multimedia-pre and post production

* Security Suites

approved 2013 msc status company by sector

For year 2013, Mdec approved a total of 220 companies for Msc Status.

2013 Msc Infotech sector

Infortech (2013) company sectors

For year 2014, Mdec approved 171 Msc Status Companies (up to October 2014).

2014 msc status companies

What is not accepted!

One of the often asked question is that of E-Commerce. If you are plunging into E-Commerce Site and wondering whether you are qualified to get Msc Status, wonder no more because it is not accepted but if you have an E-Commerce solution, then you might be qualified. Remember, you should have a solution that others can buy. Simple. So before you get work out going for Msc Status, do a review of your proposition. Think of it this way-Does it benefit Malaysia?

But in case you still have doubts, do give us a thinker. This way, it will save a lot of time and a lot of anguish as well.

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