refrigerated dron delivery

Regrigerated Drone Delivery by patentagentip

Times are critical especially when you have to deliver that glass vile of vaccine to a remote place and at an urgent basis. It is even more critical if the medicine is required to be refrigerated just to retain its potency - and that is why we have designed the refrigerated drone. It is more of a miniturisation exercise - a box small enough to be carried for a distance and yet able to maintain the cool temperature and only using the drone's battery. Of course it is designed not only for delivery of medicine, it is also suitable to be placed in your vehicle as it is able to cool that can drink or chocolate. It is designed small enough so that it would not take up much space. Then it is designed for the car electrical system but it could also use an attached spare battery so you can take it out to picnic in the summer time. It would also serve as a spare cooler box for the home or office. Just put it away when you do not need it.

Why delivery by drones?

Drone delivery is the fastest way to reach inaccessible areas. In most parts of the world, people who live in rural areas are the most affected by virus infections like the corona virus. It also could be said that there were to be very little medical treatment available in these areas because there are no viable transport routes where medicines can be quickly delivered. And because corona viruses spread very fast, it would become a headach to deliver highly needed vaccines as there are no viable routes. Thus come to the rescue - delivery drones that can reach from the air. There is no need for airstrips and ports and there is no need for delivery personnels, so you just need to package the drones with the required medicine and trust that they will do the work of reaching remote areas to deliver that much needed vaccines. Drones are not only faster but they are also cheaper to run and easily handled. It must also be stated that some medicines must be maintained at a constant low temperature to sustain its potencies.

The box is designed to be expandable - that is you could stack it one on top of the other. The electrical system is designed for a modular fashion so that you could stack it up and have the wiring connected in a plug and play fashion. But of course you got to see whether the drone is able to carry it. A future design will come with a helium box (flexible) so that it will help boost the weight capacity of the drone and also acts as a buffer medium when the drone lands. Medicine viles are sensitive goods - harse landing could break them. So medical drones should have a design that will allow a hard landing - thus a helium box fixed underneath the package will do wonders. A future design will incorporate saperate helium boxes to extend the distance that the drone could travel; helium boxes acts just like the airship.

The people running coldchains are very interested in refrigerated drones as they can help them to secure that delivery which requires the medicines to be stored in a cold temperatures. Delivery drones of the refrigerated kind that is designed by patentagentip will suit these special purpose delivery as they are designed to maintain the required temperature all the way to their required destinations, whether rain or shine. Further more, the refrigerated system only uses a small amount of energy. As for longer distances, the drones can be fitted with small gasoline engines to supply that extra energy required for a higher weight and distances. The future of coldchain supply will benefit greatly by the availability of these specially designed drones.

As part of the total logistic supply chain, the designed refrigerated drone comes with a special pot that is customed to be delivered via sea route. Sometime, it is easier to deliver via the sea or coastal route and so the delivery drone is designed with a pot that they can bring along to accomodate ship holding. Once they are onboard ships, it will be easily connected to the ships electrical supply whilst they are being piggy backed to the required destinations. Alternatively ships could be made to store onboard medical supplies so that they will be made availble from a remote destination via the coastal ruotes. Also alternatively, ships could be made into a small medical hub so that emergency patients can be flown (by manned drones) to the ship for treatment.