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Malaysian SME (small and medium enterprises) has contributed about 46% (not including service sector) to the Malaysian GDP and is considered as a vital part of the Malaysian economy because it creates jobs. The sector is very dynamic and consist of various types of industries. However, there are plenty of room for advancement like embracing cutting edge technologies and efficient models. Unfortunately, there is the lack of R & D and as a result does not go too well when competing with SME's from other countries.

Still, Malaysian SME's are aggresive when it comes to marketing. We do find many among them spreading their wings all over the world without the assistance from the state. It is a plus point because the home market is very small and there is a lot of competition from erstwhile enterprises who competes on price points. Then there is the element of using information and communication technologies where malaysian SME's don't excell due to their lower educational backgrounds.

On the government side, there are support of various kinds but because SME owners are often unaware or refused to be aware of incentives, a situation arises where supportive resources often free are not tap unto. As a result, Malaysian SME's are often on their own, running enterprises the hard way. As we are now in a very connected world, it would be a setback for the country if SME's don't upgrade themselves to the level where they can compete with world leaders.

Among the many ways are those that can upgrade their productivities, enlarged market access and the tapping into a world of co-operative R & D. It is with these points in mind that PatentAgentip would like to help out the sME's in their journey to world partners. Among the many service sectors that PatentAgentip can help are:-

* Marketing
* Logistics Management
* Supply Chain Management
* Enterprise Resource Planning (cooperative)
* Product Development
* Strategic Studies
* Financial Funding
* Market Research
* Big and Small Data Prediction Models
* New Technology Licensing
and more.....

We also help SME's to apply for Malaysian Pioneer Status. You may take a look at the industries that are eligible for Pioneer Status

Are you ready to move forward? It will take an effort but with our guidance, you will make it big for sure.

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