Solar Shingle with Atmospheric Water Generation (AWG)

solar shingle with awg

Solar Shingle with AWG

solar shingle with awg

Solar Tile on the roof

A solar shingle combined with an atmospheric water generation module is just the thing to install if you don't want to be worried about getting enough water - especially relevant in dry areas where having enough water is top priority. If you are considering to change your roof due to its age you should try to kill two birds with one stone by installing the new solar shingle with awg. You will then be both water and electricity secured - the shingles help to generate both electricity and water. Although this system cannot generate a copious amount of water and electricity, it will however deliver to you your daily supply of water and electricity without having to worry as to whether there is a disruption in the public utilities. And if you are staying in a remote area, then with the solar shingle installed on your roof, you will have the peace of mind to living a normal life.

Solar Shingle with a Water Generation unit is a new concept – it is designed for our ever warming climate. It will produce water and electricity, both of which we could not be deprived off if we were to live a comfortable life. People even go to war to get enough of water and countries are trying to master for themselves resource of water, be it Glacier Mountains or landlocked terrains that have water stored under the ground. As for electricity, you can source it anywhere in the world where the sun shines with the help of solar panels. Solar shingles was designed to help trap water from the atmosphere using a method of water condensation. In order to make it efficient to trap a usable amount of water, it has to use solar power to run it on a twenty four hours basis albeit it is more efficient during the morning hours.

The Solar Shingles, although it is designed for the roof, it does also fit in where you need a roof top covering. It is especially useful for the urban areas where you will often experience water shortage or disruptions. Then again it is better to depend on yourself than to depend on the utility grid to get your source of water - it is being powered by solar panels so it sorts of run by itself with minimum of maintenance. The water generated through the AWG system is generally safe for consumption but as a precaution, it could go through a stage of filtration and sanitization - can then be kept in an accumulater. The AWG system is made from an advance material, using vapour condensation method to cool the morning air into water droplets. In this way, you will get both a roof over your head and some drinking water to boot.

Ships, Trains, Recreation Vehicles, Trucks, Tour Buses and other transporting contraptions will now go with a device that helps them trap water from the atmosphere - really useful because previously they have to stop at stations to collect drinking water. Agricultural areas will have a breather when the weather turns for the worse as they can generate their own water by just putting the Solar Shingle on a shed (albeit a long one at that).

water from the atmosphere for desert cropping

Water harvested from the atmosphere used for irrigation of desert crops

As the earth is facing weather change, water or the ability to tap water is becoming an issue - most critical for dry areas. Water at your disposal 24x7 is possible with the instalation of solar powered water capture device made by Patentagentip - this device is a stand alone post which is able to tap on the water from water vapour - it is especially capable during the morning hours. As water is the essence of life, having it available will transform our dry areas into bountiful farmlands to feed our burgeoning population. Revitalising desert areas is an essential task for the years ahead as we face climatic change, formost in our ability to tap on the water from the atmosphere. As long as the sun shines, there will be water available for drinking and irrigation - a fool proof step that we would want to encourage for countries that are facing uncertain times ahead.

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