solar tree

Introducing the next generation of Solar Tree

The new Solar Tree that is designed to tap the power from the sun from above the ground. Solar Trees can come with multiple stacks, hung from 40 meters above the ground. You can now deploy solar panels without having to clear your precious agriculture land. You can also install it at your house, not on the roof but on the little piece of parking space! You do not have to touch your roof anymore but in case you still want to make use of your roof, then we recommend you to install a special version of solar roof tiles that also incorporates a water harvesting module so as to secure you with water and electricity. As for plantation land, you can now install solar tree above the ground, doing away with having to clear your land and crops - a smart idea that makes efficient use of agricultural land. Harvest both your crops and electricity. You may also harvest water using the modified version of solar tree. Thus add water security to your list of important things to do - water + electricity + agriculture crops!

solar powered ship

Solar powered ships - specially designed for small vessels to help wean you off the use of dirty diesel oil.

Item Code P11005