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Synthetic Muscled Limbs with Powered Hinges

Science has caught up with nature. New technology using synthetic muscles (looks and work like the real muscle) has succeeded in turning artificial robotic arms into look alike real arms. This is made possible with the advance in creating muscles using fibre like elements. Powered by electric charge, the synthetic muscle is more powerful than natural muscle and work as agile as the natural thing. The future is full of hope for those who have been made to wear heavy artificial limbs made from steel and motor. The limbs are now covered by a natural looking skin that is soft and capable of bringing about touch senses.

With synthetic muscles, the fabric networks of senses is now integrated with the skin, offering a great weight reduction in artificial limbs. Natural is the in thing now for artificial limbs. Still, as more research is done on synthetic muscles, it would not be too far in the future where losing a limb is no more a problem for humanity. It also goes for the pet industry where owners often spent a huge sum of money to upkeep their pets! We at Patentagentip will continue to do R & D on synthetic muscles and to offer our patent pending technology in harnessing the use of synthetic muscles.

Furthermore, the parts of the limb is connected through a powered hinge which is an elegant way of bringing power to operate the limbs. Powered Hinge is as the name suggest - electric powered hinges. It is not just passing electrical wires through the hinge, it is also enabling the limbs to move around their hinge axis - this is an improvement on the conventional method of using strings to effect turning. Powered hinges will replace the old method of using strings and elastic bands as it gives a more aesthetic look - you don't have to see those wires dangling out of the limbs. Synthetic muscled limbs will now look more natural with the help of electric powered hinges as it look like normal limbs - powered solenoids now bring about limb movement. It is also assumed that powered hinges will also help connect all things that require an opening and a clossing - powered hinges were designed for automation purposes. One of the many advantages is the reduction in weight - robots and spacecrafts will now weigh less. Linkages are important parts of automation and when you have an embeded power system, it makes robotic limbs operate more like the natural thing. Truly Disruptive.

Item Code P22004 designed and patented by Patentagentip