Unmanned Underwater Vehicle

Unmanned Underwater Vehicle (UUV)

Introducing the first of its kind in the world- Air/Underwater Unmanned Underwater Robotic Vehicle
The unique UUV which is developed by Patent Agent Engineers is the only one of its kind of robotic vehicle that is able to stradle both air and water and is designed and patented to serve as a surveillance vehicle in the maritime environment. Called "Versatile 2" UUV is designed to be capable of maneuvering in both air and water. That is its uniqueness! It will spend most of its time in water, near the surface doing surveillance work.

Designed with a multitude of sensors, whilst under stealth mode, it goes about tracking the behavoir of small vessels, especially those that are doing illegal activites like refugee smuggling, drug smuggling and illegal fishing activites. The UUV named "Versatile 2" mostly stay underwater just a feet from the surface of the water to operate in stealth mode and by using sonar goes about detecting surface boats. "Versatile 2" UUV will then move closer to the suspecious vessel. When close enough, it will spring out of the water into the air, giving the suspected vessel a surprise. Whilst in the air, "Versatile" is programed to take a snapshot of the suspected vessel using its onboard camera system. If required, "Versatile" will even take a video of the activities on board the suspected vessel and transmit it to a nearby commanding maritime enforcement vessel. The comanding maritime vessel will then analyse the video data and make a decision as to whether to interdict the suspected vessel or leave the suspected vessel to its own devices.

In this way, "Versatile" or a group of "Versatiles" will lend assistance to the maritime commanding craft to extend its area of enforcement to a larger area. Being unmanned, these "Versatile" vehicles serves as a better alternative to having physical interdictment on hostile vessels by the maritime enforcement crafts. We could also arm the "Versatile" for specific roles that can be better done with UUV then maritime vessels. This holds true for both air and water surveillance, including for anti-ship and anti-submarine duties (strengthened version for deep sea sorties) and interdiction of other vessels.

"Versatile" UUV can also be used for other activities like tracking of sharks and fish. It may be used as a hobbyist asset for better fishing or even to scoop up samples from sea beds and underwater photography. Indeed, there is a huge potential for "Versatile 2" UUV out there, whether for commercial or maritime duties and the day where a change in maritime warfare techniques may have arrived!

* Battery/Diesel Engine Powered

* Hobby, Fishing, Underwater Photography, Surveillance, Anti-Mine, Anti-Ship and Anti-Submarine duties

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